Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a Wonderful Day! (Blessings #7)

What a wonderful day! Truthfully, I went to bed last night feeling anxious about the doctor's appointment today and just praying to God to cover me in peace. Thanks to God and the power of prayer, I woke up this morning feeling at peace and completely okay. (Note to self: do NOT read the getting pregnant book with all it's scientific data 1 in a million stuff that will make you worry.)

They took my blood and did the sonogram. The nurse said that my E2 levels were NOTHING to worry about and not to worry - it just meant that my body was responding really well to the medication. Although I knew this in my heart, the confirmation was nice and told me that yes - it was just the enemy trying to make me doubt. DON'T DOUBT - give your fears to God and trust in HIM!

Anyway, she measured eight follicles on the right side (there were more, but they don't measure them all) and four on the left (there were more on that side, but not as many due to the cyst thing that is nothing to worry about). I even got pictures today for the baby book. hehe It makes me feel good to have something tangible (besides my swollen abdomen) to pray over. It gives me hope to see the pictures and increases my certainty - this is all in His hands and man, does He have it taken care of! It's a miracle and so cool to be a part of!

Another nurse called this evening and my E2 levels are 552 (woo hoo!) and I go back in tomorrow for another E2 blood test and a sono (more pictures - wee). It is an amazing process and so cool! Note to people who see me - the drugs due cause my abdomen to swell and it causes gas bloating. Due to the fact that I am NOT googling or looking at forums (to protect myself because I would worry if I did that stuff), I didn't realize this. I thought I was just retaining water and eating the wrong foods- it made me feel better to know the swollen belly is a natural side effect (as is the cramping - which truly is not bad at all). It makes me grateful for the skirts and dresses I have with elastic bands (thank you Mom!) and gives me a glimpse of what I will continue to look like during the pregnancy - which I am totally okay with!! :)


After the doctor, I headed to Bridgeport Middle School, where I used to teach. It was awesome to see all of my colleagues there and, especially, the now 8th graders I had last year. One of them got commended on the Reading TAKS this year - a huge feat that I am so proud of since last year was the first year this student had passed on the first try. Another student, who has a slight sensory disability, found me and waited in the hall during their elective to talk to me. This particular student has sensory issues and, on their own, gave me several hugs, told me they loved and missed me and that I was their favorite teacher! I immediately teared up - these two students (along with a few more) have a huge place in my heart and wow - to know a made a tiny difference in their lives - it touched me so much!! I'm shaking just typing this because of how much it meant to me! I realized (even more) today how much I miss teaching and having that impact. I enjoy my job now and who I work with and for. However, I miss the kids! My old principal did offer me a job - but the commute is a little long at 20 hours one way. It was a great visit with old friends - and one of them is having a precious little girl in a few weeks! I am so thrilled for her!! I love you BMS friends - you mean so much to me and I am blessed to have you in my life. :)

After that fun visit, I picked my Mom up from work, she gave me my shots and we went to dinner with some sweet ladies from her church that I have grown up with. A great day and I am exhausted. I will sleep well tonight, covered in prayer, ready for my appointment tomorrow to see how our follicles are doing. To my LG sisters and sweet friends - you amaze me with your words of encouragement and prayers! I love ya'll!


Oops! I posted this without listing my blessings!!!
  1. Feeling completely at peace when I woke up and KNOWING everything is in God's hands and it will be okay.
  2. A nurse at the doctor who knew just what to say and was so through at explaining everything to me! (and even gave me pictures)
  3. Listening to Jourdan Burks' CD and hearing the words she sang just touch my heart in such a profound way. (glad I was in the car by myself so I didn't take out anyone's ear drums with my offkey and offbeat singing)
  4. An incredible visit at BMS - amazing people who really and truly care.
  5. Opening my email to find amazing and sweet words directed at me

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