Monday, August 27, 2012

What the FET?

We made the decision a few months ago to move forward with a FET (frozen embryo transfer).  It has been quite a journey for us emotionally and physically to get to this point.  We are AMAZINGLY blessed with our sweet miracle, however, we knew that our family is not yet complete.  Hayden has been asking for a baby sister and he just loves tiny ones.  We know he will be an amazing big brother!

We went to the doctor in April and started the process.  I had to have a minor surgery to get my body prepped and to do a mock transfer.  I started the medication (including daily shots) and the doctor appointments every other week to make sure that everything is on track.  My body is responding perfectly to the medication and we did the transfer this past Friday (August 24th).  We had four frozen embryos.  I was expecting that all four would need to be thawed to get two to be transferred.  God provided and the first two that they thawed came out perfectly and were able to be transferred.  This means we have two more frozen embryos left should we decide to grow our family further!  YAY!
I am now in the waiting part... the pregnancy test will be on Sunday (in TX at our doctor's office) with another one to follow on Tuesday (here in OK).  Two weeks after that, we will find out how many babies. 

We are praying and having faith in God's amazing miracles.  Boy or girl, one or two... we are ABUNDANTLY blessed!