Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Joy of Pregnancy (Blessings #20)

Well - it has been awhile huh? This whole being tired symptom of pregnancy is in full force - combined with the fact I spent all day at work on a computer, our computer at home is being neglected. I apologize and promise to try and be better! :)

Last Friday I did go to the doctor. I misunderstood the nurse, though. She said we would schedule the ultrasound on Friday, not actually have one. A little disappointing, but it gives us something to look forward to at the next ultrasound - which Chip will get to go to - scheduled for Friday, May 8th. They took my levels and they were 348! The goal was at least up by 60% and they went up by a little over 100%! YEA!! God has given me such peace and comfort and i am so grateful. The power of prayer is still being felt each and every day.

I flew home last Saturday morning and have love being home with Chip and the girls. I have been busy at work, so that has taken my mind off of waiting for the next appointment.

As of today, I am officially 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I have had a bit of nausea at times, mostly it is just the chest aching and being tired. Chip has been and is so sweet and encourages me to just relax. I've been doing a pretty good job at that - the girls like relaxing with me.

I am so excited about hearing the heartbeat and seeing how many babies are in the oven next Friday. I have a feeling about how many we are having and what sex they will be. That is my secret though - I will be just as happy being wrong as I am if I am right. We leave for a family cruise on Saturday, so it will be a great way to kick off our trip. According the books and websites I've read, the morning sickness starts to really kick in at the 6 week mark. I will be following Kathy's advice and eat protein so I don't get as sick. If I do, that is okay. I can blame it on the boat.

I am embracing being pregnant and subscribed to a pregnancy newsletter yesterday. It's very cool - this week we are growing the heart (and other things as well). Pretty cool!


In other news, my friend Kathy had her twins, Corey and Peyton, on Tuesday, April 28th - which is also her sister's birthday! They are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and perfect!

My other friend, Julie, did a frozen embryo transfer the week after our embryo transfer and got her test results back Tuesday - she is pregnant! She has been trying for so long and I am SO very excited for her!!

Other than that - my life right now consists of sleep, work, dinner, couch, sleep and some walking around and doing light housework (dishes, laundry, dog duty). Of course - and growing healthy babies!! I am so grateful that God has blessed us!! This weekend we are looking at houses, so we'll see what happens. Also, I made my first regular OB appointment for the Monday after our cruise (May 18th). Very exciting!


  1. God blessing us
  2. Pregnancy symptoms
  3. Being home
  4. Awesome coworkers
  5. Enjoying the moment

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Power of Prayer (Blessings #19)

The power of prayer is really amazing! God is so faithful and has blessed us so much. These babies are so prayed for, loved and are truly a gift from God. I went to the doctor yesterday morning for the blood test. My favorite nurse told me she would know maybe by noon, but it might be by 4. She called me at 10:30 to tell me that I AM DEFINITELY PREGNANT! Praise God!!! They said the minimum my levels could be are 50 and mine are 172. I think this means twins ;)! Either way, I am ecstatic and so thankful!

Of course, I called Chip first, then my parents and friends. Needless to say, lots of happy thoughts and prayers! I go back Friday to make sure my levels have increased by at least 60% and then they will do an ultrasound to see how many sacs there are. So - Friday we will know how many buns are in the oven.

What is your guess? One baby or two


I also was able to spend the day with my friend, Amy, and her family. We had a great time and they even treated me to lunch from Chick-Fil-A. They were there when the nurse called and prayed over me. It was so sweet and means so much to me that they did that!

After I picked Mom up from lunch, we went to get a dipped cone in celebration from Dairy Queen. Her boss even gave her Thursday off! We picked up Miss Sallie and then headed to Pickles & Ice Cream for some retail celebrating. It was so fun to model with the bump pillows so I could see what I would look like in 3 months and 7 months! WOW!! I am definitely set on some cute clothes for awhile and am so grateful for that. After shopping, we are dinner with church friends at the Mellow Mushroom. It was very tasty! Then home to bed - I was exhausted!

  1. the amazing power of prayer
  2. the gift from God - a positive pregnancy test
  3. celebrating
  4. telling Chip he's going to be a daddy and how happy he is
  5. sweet text messages of congratulations

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lovin' Life (Blessings #16)

I am lovin' life right now. Life is just truly great! God has blessed us in so many ways and I find myself just in awe of His greatness. It's pretty amazing.

In regards to the whole being pregnant thing, my body is liking it! I have symptoms, for which I am grateful because it gives me daily confirmation. I have to sleep in a sports bra and I have to eat every few hours so I don't get sick. My belly is also growing - even though I know it is just gas and hormones, it's pretty cool. My Mom showed early, and I did too in my last pregnancy, so I am okay with being in the looking fat stage so early. I know I'm pregnant and I don't mind if people look at me thinking I gained 10 pounds in my belly. I have actually lost weight - since I can't eat a whole lot at one time and have been seriously craving healthy food.

I am now in maternity pants. My shirts still fit (except for being a little tight in the chest region). I really don't need maternity pants quite yet, but my regular pants get so tight in the afternoon that it's not very comfortable. I can still wear my regular skirts and dresses, so I am thrilled about that!

I am so happy to be home. This week at work was super busy and it made the week go by so fast! I leave for Texas Tuesday evening for my blood test at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. I will have another one on Friday to make sure my levels are going up the way that they should be. I will also get more progesterone so I stay pregnant with these precious babies!

Blessings for Today
  1. Going to the zoo yesterday
  2. Enjoying time on the couch relaxing
  3. Chip being so sweet to me - seriously, he is doing so much so I can rest
  4. Sleeping in my own bed
  5. Awesome spring weather

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preggo (Blessings #15)

As I write this, I am preggo! I am thinking with twins since they put in two perfect embryos. Seriously - they were perfect!

The embryos grew just like they were supposed to. The doctor froze one on Monday, one yesterday and two today. One of the frozen is excellent quality and two were good quality. They looked pretty awesome to me on the pictures they showed me of the blastocysts (embryos) before they did the transfer. My Mom, Dad, cousin Darra and friend Kristi were with me on Monday. My Mom and cousin were with me when they actually transferred the embryos. Kristi was sweet and kept my Dad company in the waiting room. It was a very cool process. We had to wait 20 minutes for my bladder to finish filling up from the two big glasses of water I had. Then, the doctor sat everything up. They called down to the lab for the babies and they delivered them on a silver tray. Then he put them in - you could see a white light on the ultrasound - they gave me a picture of that. After he put them in, the lab confirmed that they were in me and not in the tube thing. I relaxed for about 20 minutes and then we went to breakfast at Rise n Dine. I spent the rest of the day relaxing at my parents and went to my bible study and rested there with my friends.

Tuesday afternoon I left for PA - the doctor said I was good to fly and I was ready to go home and see my husband and girls. I think the girls know - they have been so gentle around me and Addison has taken a liking to licking my belly. She normal wakes me up with a kiss to the lips, however, this morning it was a kiss on the belly. So sweet!!

Of course, everyone at work was so sweet and kind. I work with the best people! They have been so understanding and awesome. I have to be gone for three weeks next week and they are excited for me. I go back Wednesday and Friday for POSITIVE blood pregnancy tests. YEA! I can't wait! I feel pregnant and I am pregnant. My chest and tummy swelling confirm it.

This journey that we are on has been incredible - everything has gone perfectly and according to God's plan. I want the glory of the Lord and my faith in Him to shine through. I pray that it does - He gets all the credit!!

My "to do" now is to rest. I am doing just that and enjoying lots of couch time with the girls and Chip. At work, I am blessed that I can relax - I sit at a desk with a perfect chair and window and awesome coworkers. What could be better than that?


Blessings for Today
  1. Being home with my husband and girls
  2. Sleeping through a rainstorm
  3. Yummy sweet potato fries and cheese steak
  4. God enabling me to be so chill and relaxed
  5. Awesome friends!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Resting is Hard Work! (Blessings #14)

So I am supposed to be resting... I am having a hard time doing that. I like to keep busy to make the time go by fast and there are so many people to see and stuff to do. The doctor told me today to REST - so doctor's orders... I am trying!

So - yesterday we got our first fertilization report. Of the 18 viable eggs, 11 were mature. Of the 11 that went through ICSI, 6 fertilized, which I think is pretty great! We will get another call tomorrow (Saturday) to see how the little ones are growing. It is so exciting! For those that don't believe that life begins at conception, this puts a whole new light on it.

Today I had to go to the doctor. No big deal - I have just had some bloating and cramping and wanted to make sure it was normal. It is - I just have to drink TONS of gatorade and water, as well as have a HIGH sodium diet until Monday. Ordered to eat Mexican food? Awesome!

I am excited for Monday and am preparing my body. I am so bloated today (just in the tummy, thank the Lord), that a lady at Wal-Mart remarked at what a cute little momma-to-be I am! I just smiled and said thank you - because she doesn't know just how right she is!


Yesterday Chip flew home - I miss him! Just a few more days...

Okay - I know this is short, but the couch is calling my name and I have a meal to drop off for a friend who just had a baby. Yes - I am resting. I just threw together a chicken pot pie for her and for my sister-in-law. Now - off to REALLY rest...

Blessings for Today
  1. Chip having a safe flight home
  2. Nathan's 2nd birthday party - so fun
  3. A great doctor's appointment and an understanding doctor
  4. A sense of humor
  5. God - let us all remember why Good Friday is something that literally saved all of our lives...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's All Great (Blessings #13)

Hey everyone! The last two days have been awesome. I went in for my hCG levels and they needed to be at least 65 - they were 210! This means that the egg retrieval was today. Chip came in last night - it is so nice to sleep in the same bed (and state) as my husband. :)

The egg retrieval went perfectly! I had 22 eggs, 18 of which were viable (meaning that they were the right size to be fertilized). AWESOME! That high of a number is SO the power of prayer at work. I also started my progesterone today so that the babies will stick! We will find out tomorrow how many fertilized and the time that the embryo transfer will be on Monday. It's getting closer - I am so fired up! I will go back to PA on Tuesday and be at work on Wednesday. I miss my PA friends!


In other news, life has been pretty awesome around here. It's so nice to be able to have quality time with family and friends. Yesterday I hung out with my cousin Darra. Tonight we are having dinner with some friends and tomorrow, after I take Chip to the airport, I will spend some time with my friend, TE, at her school. YEA!

Blessings for Yesterday and Today
  1. Safe flights
  2. Getting to see Chip
  3. Quality time with Darra
  4. Awesome weather
  5. Enjoying the moment
  6. Incredible nurses
  7. Amazing power of prayer
  8. Talented doctors
  9. High egg count
  10. God blessing us each step of this journey!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ever Closer (Blessings #12)

The days keep getting closer and closer. The day they take the eggs, the day they implant them, the day that we have our positive blood test, the day we hear the heartbeat(s), the day we see their precious faces, the day we find out the sex, the day they are born... so many days to look forward to...

The appointment this morning went wonderfully! My favorite medical assistant took my blood and my wonderful nurse did the sonogram and we saw LOTS of mature eggs that looked so robust and healthy. It looked like a bunch of grapes (or jellybeans). Two of those eggs will be our children in nine months - crazy to think about!

They called me this afternoon with my results and next steps. My E2 was 3,105 (awesome!) and I took the hcG shot this evening and started taking antibiotics (the neighbor of where we have bible study is a nurse and gave it to me since it had to go in my hip). The egg retrieval is Wednesday - this means I get to see Chip tomorrow night! I miss him so much!! I will also be able to watch the girls at doggie camp via web cam. YIPPEE!!!

I go back tomorrow to make sure the hcG was absorbed properly by my body and then I show up at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday morning with Chip. After the eggs are retrieved and fertilized, they will grow for five days and two of the embryos will be transferred Monday. The rest will be frozen for possible future use. This means that Monday I WILL be pregnant with twins - and I will be pregnant on bible study night - yea! I am also excited that the babies will grow in their dish over Easter - how cool is that?

I am excited - in a good way. It is amazing to be a part of this incredible journey and see how faithful God is and see His hand in the perfect planning of everything. It's a blessing!


Today was great! After the doctor, us girls headed to Frisco to meet my cousin, Chris, for lunch and go shopping! We bought some jewelry, had some awesome Sprinkles cupcakes and I got some fun fake hair - so now I can just clip in my fake hair whenever. We even stopped at this ADORABLE boutique called Pickles and Ice Cream. Obviously, it's a maternity boutique. I didn't buy anything - it was fun to look and know that SOON I will need maternity clothing. I did see a shirt that may be the first item I buy after the heartbeat sonogram. It said "Twins - Double the Blessing." I love that! Even one is pretty huge blessing!

Tonight we did have bible study - which was awesome! We started a new study that I am really looking forward to doing. It is called Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed and features Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. Such great women - I adore them!

Mom and I did have a little incident before bible study at Chick-Fil-A with a man wrongly accusing me of cursing his wife and kids (he had the wrong person - he wasn't there to see who it actually was and found the wrong person - wrong being us). Funny story - even if at the time it was a little scary to have a guy knock on your car window and accuse you of something so crazy! Good husband for trying to find who offended his wife - he just had the wrong lady.


Blessings for Today
  1. Awesome doctor appointment and such considerate staff!
  2. Getting to see my husband in less than 24 hours
  3. Finding a nurse to give me the intramuscular shot
  4. Fun day of shopping and family time
  5. Great time at bible study

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Time (Blessings #11)

Today was filled with loads and loads of quality family time! My cousin and her husband opened up their home to our crazy family. We haven't seen each other since Christmas and it was so fun to just catch up with everyone. There are two new babies that are 3 months apart. Next Christmas will be crazy with the addition of my brother's new baby and me being pregnant with two more babies. How fun! All of these cousins so close in age with their bigger cousins to watch over them and teach them how to do stuff (like climb into cribs and use light sabers). I am so blessed by such a great family - they are incredibly supportive and just love me.


Tomorrow is my next doctor's appointment and I am looking forward to it. Afterwards, we are going shopping with my mom, aunt, cousin and her precious son and daughter. Her daughter told me today, "I love shopping!" Now that is my kind of girl! I miss my cousin that I am shopping with tomorrow - she lives in Pittsburg, Texas and we were besties growing up (which lead to us getting into trouble together - but hey! That's part of growing up). She is a wonderful woman and it is pretty cool to think of us both having babies. :)

Blessings for Today
  1. Talking to Chip about our crazy dogs - they crack me up! I love that they "sandwich" him while I am away to make him feel loved. Sweet girls!
  2. Time with family - see above - simply stated - they are awesome!
  3. Another relaxing day that is truly a gift from God.
  4. DM giving me my shots and getting to spend quality time with her - who knew that us giving my Granma Water her insulin shots for all those years would pay off in this way?
  5. My faith - I am so thankful to God for everything He is done and the way He has placed certain people and situations in the perfect place. Thank you really can't describe how I feel - but He knows my heart and what I mean.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's the Simple Things (Blessings #10)

The doctor's appointment this morning went wonderfully! My Mom went with me and we got to see all of the follicles. There were more than the computer could count on the the right side (more than ten) and they were all measuring between 10-12mm. The left side had about five. The lining looked awesome and the nurse turned on the thermal imaging thing and my blood flow is great as well. God has this all so perfectly planned - it's amazing to see and be a part of! They took blood again and my E2 levels are at 1702 (or 1705 can't remember right now which one it was) - which really just rocks! My next appointment is Monday morning (and my medicine levels stay the same) - so tomorrow I have church and chilling with the family. We are having a big get together at my cousin's home. It will be great to see everyone - we haven't all been together since Christmas!

Monday I find out which day will be the egg retrieval. I thought I would find out today, but they want my follicles to grow some more (which is great - everything is just going so awesome). I am thinking it will be Wednesday or Thursday, but we will see. It will be so nice to see my husband and to take these eggs out. I am feeling tender - but I really don't mind. It is a reminder that the medicine is working and, most importantly, that the follicles are growing. It's hard to describe how it feels - kind of like there is an orange or grapefruit (actually two of them) in your lower belly. It makes you not able to eat as much and it makes your belly swollen. I will take it though - it is a blessing and confirmation that everything is going the way it should.


Today I had some quality time with the Bakers. Mary picked me up after the doctor and we went to NRH for an egg hunt, to Halle's soccer game (she scored not one, not two, but THREE goals) and then to my Mom's for lunch and just relaxing. Mary and Brian made dinner for us - catfish, fries, ranch style beans and sweet corn hush puppies and this amazing brownie dessert. A perfect day with some of my very favorite people!

Blessings for Today
  1. Seeing the joy in the girls eyes as they found eggs.
  2. Another great doctor's appointment.
  3. Awesome friends!
  4. Relaxing with the girls.
  5. A great day overall.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Loving the Small Things (Blessings #9)

Today was a great day to just just enjoy my family...

I went to lunch with my Dad and Aunt Cindy at McAlister's - I have missed their sweet tea and awesome service! I have been craving soup lately - I guess because it is easy on the stomach. At least soup is good for me, so it's a good craving to have.

After lunch, I just played around on the computer, picked up a prescription at Walgreen's and was generally lazy. It's okay - because my body is busy growing healthy follicles.

My brother and his wife and son treated me to dinner at Olive Garden and then we just chilled at my parent's while Mom and Dad had a date night to the Gaither's concert. I needed the rest - and the quality time.

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment - yea! This means one day closer to being pregnant and one day closer to seeing my husband (I cannot tell you how much I miss him).

Blessings for Today
  1. Talking with Danielle and coordinating schedules - I will get to see her, my aunt and Danielle's two sweet kids on Sunday. YEA!
  2. Having a great conversation with my friend, Shannon, who helped me know what to expect next with IVF. She gave me just the information I needed to know and not too much.
  3. Comfortable, summery clothes ans sunshiny weather - sitting outside at Olive Garden while waiting on our table.
  4. Playing with my sweet nephew - he is precious and I love him! He is at such a fun age - we had a great time chasing each other up and down the hallway playing tag.
  5. Just enjoying life - one day at a time - and enjoying this journey.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a Great Day to Be Alive (Blessings #8)

I woke up this morning so excited for my doctor's appointment! I went to the doctor and had my blood taken. Then the nurse (whom I absolutely love) did my sonogram and said that everything looked perfect! My lining looks ready, my follicles are at about 10mm and the cyst on my left side SHRUNK. One of my other favorite nurses called me (early!) and said that my E2 levels are awesome at 812 and that they will see me bright and early Saturday for another E2 blood test and sonogram. My meds are staying the same for the next two days (Thursday and Friday). It looks like probably Wednesday will be the egg retrieval and I will get to see Chip! YIPPEE!! I will know more on Saturday... As we all know, the calendar is subject to change.


I was blessed today to be able to spend time with my dear friend, Stefanie, at the school I would have taught at had we not relocated. It was nice to catch up with everyone - and be offered a job (sweet thought - maybe one day a long time from now). Stefanie means a lot to me and we understand each other due to some things we have both gone through. She always know just what Christian encouragement I need and holds me accountable. I hate that she lives so far, but love the time we can be together now!

After the day with Stefanie, I picked up Mom at work and we had dinner with our friends, Aaron and Alicia. They spoiled us with a delicious, home cooked meal! Thank ya'll!! Aaron even made me a fruit smoothie to keep me healthy. We also got to see their venue for the upcoming wedding in 2010 and their gorgeous home (their yard is amazing - I'm on awe of it!).

I also had the chance to text and talk with several friends today - it made my heart happy! Two of them have been through IVF, so they know more than me and encourage me and pray for us! I also talked to my boss who told me to keeping resting and not worry about work - do I have a great job or what?!

Now, I'm off to get some sleep. This whole growing follicles thing is hard work that I am honored to have!

Blessings for Today
  1. A great doctor's appointment - I love the staff and their faith. They take such great care of all of their patients and are so genuinely considerate!
  2. Amazing friends that text and call me
  3. Being able to spend quality time with Stefanie
  4. My friend, Kristy, having her 4D ultrasound today - precious baby! Kathy has an ultrasound tomorrow for the twins - they are getting closer and closer to being here...
  5. Having an amazing husband who is so supportive. My parents, in laws, family and friends are pretty rockin' too!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a Wonderful Day! (Blessings #7)

What a wonderful day! Truthfully, I went to bed last night feeling anxious about the doctor's appointment today and just praying to God to cover me in peace. Thanks to God and the power of prayer, I woke up this morning feeling at peace and completely okay. (Note to self: do NOT read the getting pregnant book with all it's scientific data 1 in a million stuff that will make you worry.)

They took my blood and did the sonogram. The nurse said that my E2 levels were NOTHING to worry about and not to worry - it just meant that my body was responding really well to the medication. Although I knew this in my heart, the confirmation was nice and told me that yes - it was just the enemy trying to make me doubt. DON'T DOUBT - give your fears to God and trust in HIM!

Anyway, she measured eight follicles on the right side (there were more, but they don't measure them all) and four on the left (there were more on that side, but not as many due to the cyst thing that is nothing to worry about). I even got pictures today for the baby book. hehe It makes me feel good to have something tangible (besides my swollen abdomen) to pray over. It gives me hope to see the pictures and increases my certainty - this is all in His hands and man, does He have it taken care of! It's a miracle and so cool to be a part of!

Another nurse called this evening and my E2 levels are 552 (woo hoo!) and I go back in tomorrow for another E2 blood test and a sono (more pictures - wee). It is an amazing process and so cool! Note to people who see me - the drugs due cause my abdomen to swell and it causes gas bloating. Due to the fact that I am NOT googling or looking at forums (to protect myself because I would worry if I did that stuff), I didn't realize this. I thought I was just retaining water and eating the wrong foods- it made me feel better to know the swollen belly is a natural side effect (as is the cramping - which truly is not bad at all). It makes me grateful for the skirts and dresses I have with elastic bands (thank you Mom!) and gives me a glimpse of what I will continue to look like during the pregnancy - which I am totally okay with!! :)


After the doctor, I headed to Bridgeport Middle School, where I used to teach. It was awesome to see all of my colleagues there and, especially, the now 8th graders I had last year. One of them got commended on the Reading TAKS this year - a huge feat that I am so proud of since last year was the first year this student had passed on the first try. Another student, who has a slight sensory disability, found me and waited in the hall during their elective to talk to me. This particular student has sensory issues and, on their own, gave me several hugs, told me they loved and missed me and that I was their favorite teacher! I immediately teared up - these two students (along with a few more) have a huge place in my heart and wow - to know a made a tiny difference in their lives - it touched me so much!! I'm shaking just typing this because of how much it meant to me! I realized (even more) today how much I miss teaching and having that impact. I enjoy my job now and who I work with and for. However, I miss the kids! My old principal did offer me a job - but the commute is a little long at 20 hours one way. It was a great visit with old friends - and one of them is having a precious little girl in a few weeks! I am so thrilled for her!! I love you BMS friends - you mean so much to me and I am blessed to have you in my life. :)

After that fun visit, I picked my Mom up from work, she gave me my shots and we went to dinner with some sweet ladies from her church that I have grown up with. A great day and I am exhausted. I will sleep well tonight, covered in prayer, ready for my appointment tomorrow to see how our follicles are doing. To my LG sisters and sweet friends - you amaze me with your words of encouragement and prayers! I love ya'll!


Oops! I posted this without listing my blessings!!!
  1. Feeling completely at peace when I woke up and KNOWING everything is in God's hands and it will be okay.
  2. A nurse at the doctor who knew just what to say and was so through at explaining everything to me! (and even gave me pictures)
  3. Listening to Jourdan Burks' CD and hearing the words she sang just touch my heart in such a profound way. (glad I was in the car by myself so I didn't take out anyone's ear drums with my offkey and offbeat singing)
  4. An incredible visit at BMS - amazing people who really and truly care.
  5. Opening my email to find amazing and sweet words directed at me