Friday, April 3, 2009

Loving the Small Things (Blessings #9)

Today was a great day to just just enjoy my family...

I went to lunch with my Dad and Aunt Cindy at McAlister's - I have missed their sweet tea and awesome service! I have been craving soup lately - I guess because it is easy on the stomach. At least soup is good for me, so it's a good craving to have.

After lunch, I just played around on the computer, picked up a prescription at Walgreen's and was generally lazy. It's okay - because my body is busy growing healthy follicles.

My brother and his wife and son treated me to dinner at Olive Garden and then we just chilled at my parent's while Mom and Dad had a date night to the Gaither's concert. I needed the rest - and the quality time.

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment - yea! This means one day closer to being pregnant and one day closer to seeing my husband (I cannot tell you how much I miss him).

Blessings for Today
  1. Talking with Danielle and coordinating schedules - I will get to see her, my aunt and Danielle's two sweet kids on Sunday. YEA!
  2. Having a great conversation with my friend, Shannon, who helped me know what to expect next with IVF. She gave me just the information I needed to know and not too much.
  3. Comfortable, summery clothes ans sunshiny weather - sitting outside at Olive Garden while waiting on our table.
  4. Playing with my sweet nephew - he is precious and I love him! He is at such a fun age - we had a great time chasing each other up and down the hallway playing tag.
  5. Just enjoying life - one day at a time - and enjoying this journey.

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