Monday, January 19, 2009

An Update in Photo Form

You will notice that these are pictures from Christmas through New Year's Eve. Hey - better late than never right?

Chip does not like waiting in the airport for three and a half hours!

Umm - I don't either!
It was worth it though because we made it to Iowa on Christmas morning thanks to a very awesome pilot who held our connection for us!

Best Mother-in-law EVER! Seriously, she spoils me!

Captain enjoying a box. That is how he rolls.

Captain and Skip bonding.

Judy with Barry & Barbara Mooselow

Jake and Chip participating in some brotherly wrestling.

Best brother-in-law, Jake, with my wonderful future sister-in-law, Kristi

Jean bowling it up on the Wii

Skip supervising Chip as he shovels the driveway (yes we had a white Christmas)

Chip looking so cute with his shovel in the snow

We were able to see our wonderful friends in Cedar Falls - home of Chip's Alma mater, UNI.

I adore these ladies. They have totally made me feel so welcome and their husbands, they are pretty amazing too. And the one on the right - she is ENGAGED! WHOO HOO, Michelle!

Precious mini-me of our friend Chuck. The mini-me - his name is Kole and he will be a big brother soon!

Kole and Chip rockin' the Iowa stocking caps.

Kristi, Jake, James, and Chip playing Trouble.
James schooled us on this game.

The Frohling women rockin' the "life preservers" (as Chip and Jake call them).

Josh and Chip eating up the ribs at Hickory Park.

Drew, me, and Ethan - they tolerated the picture for me.
I love these boys - who are expecting another baby brother in February!
After our Iowa Christmas, Chip headed back to Pittsburgh and I headed to Texas to see my friend, Jennifer, who was in from California with her adorable son, Jackson. Oh yeah - and i got to spend some quality time with my family and friends. You will notice there are no pictures of my Mom, Dad, brother or sister-in-law. I think they avoid the camera like the plague - or they stick an adorable kid in front of the camera so I won't take their picture.

Jackson really likes Esparza's margaritas.

Umm - I think Aaron is jealous that Jackson is getting all of the attention from Alicia.

One of my besties,Kathy, and her husband, Phillip, is pregnant with twins - a boy, Corey, and a girl, Peyton.
We played a game of whose belly is bigger - I think it is a tie between husband and wife.

Our New Year's Eve crowd hanging at Kathy's parent's house.
You know you are a grownup when your New Year's involves zero alcohol, a Wii, incredible friends and it is a blast.
Although I totally missed my husband. :(

Pajama party! Jackson's are the cutest!

Jackson loves his mommy and his toes!

A cute boy in a SWEET (Iowa) hat!

My precious nephew, Nathan, loves his new Batman pj's and he loves popcorn.

This cute little guy is named Cade and he has three gorgeous sisters.

I had to have a surprise surgery, but the night of the surgery, I was surprised by some of my favorite people.
I was able to see these three PRECIOUS girls (Cade's sisters)- I love them!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Loves ...

Izzie after rutting through the snow like a pig.

Addison and Izzie "posing" for a picture in the snow with Daddy. (p.s. it was SEVEN degrees!)

Who Loves Mommy and Who Loves Daddy are the two favorite games that we like to play with our girls. I play the mommy one when I let the girls out their kennel and have taken them out and fed them dinner. I lay on the floor and say in a high pitched voice, Who loves Mommy?" I am rewarded with a Izzie falling over on her side for me to rub her belly as she snuggles against me and licks my hand so I will pet her and Addison trying to lick every speck of makeup (or skin - I'm not sure?) off of my face. It is about the cutest thing you ever seen.
Who loves Daddy is what we play when Chip gets home. The girls bark and whine at the door after they hear Chip's horn when he locks his truck. He walks in the door and Addison tries to jump up off the ground and lick Chip's ear (which she normally succeeds in doing - girl has mad hops). Izzie sits on the ground and wags her tail until Chip walks over to her at which point she promptly falls over on her side so Chip can pet her belly. Again - precious!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coming Soon...

An update... I promise. I am blaming it on technology issues (i.e., finding cord to new camera to upload pictures) and a surgery - oh yeah, and i have these dogs that love attention and hate when I am on the computer. Seriously - how do you say No to sad puppy dog eyes?