Thursday, November 26, 2009

Right Where I Need to Be (Blessings #39)

I am right where I need to be. I am right where God wants me. I have so much to be thankful this Holiday season and am so very grateful in all the ways that God has and continues to provide for us. He has provided us with some awesome friends - who live all over the United States. Our family is incredible - they are so supportive and loving.

Thank you - I am have so much to be thankful for. I hope you enjoy the pictures of just a few things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my nephew, Nathan Chadwick, and his sweet new brother, Oliver Clark.
He calls me LuLu and it makes my heart melt.
He prefers to talk to Chip rather than me now when he calls us and that breaks my heart a little and also makes me so very happy.
I am grateful for a mother in law who can rock "Dancing Queen" at her son's wedding.

I am grateful for being with the love of my life for almost six years - with many more to come.
I am grateful to be expecting our first son in less than five weeks.

I am grateful for my brother in law and new sister in law.
Congratulations Kristy and Jake!

I am grateful for our friends and their precious kids.
It makes me fall in love with Chip even more to see how awesome he is with kids.
He is going to be the best Daddy to our sweet Hayden.

I am grateful for our home.
I am grateful for my Mom who flew to PA to help us organize our new home.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you day be full of blessings!

  1. A healthy pregnancy
  2. Amazing family and friends
  3. Being able to make my Grandma's cornbread dressing - I am so thankful that I spent so many years making it with her.
  4. Honey do's being almost done - thank you, Chip!
  5. Our little life

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hayden Bump (Blessings #38)

I finally feel pregnant enough to post pictures of the Hayden bump. These pictures were taken on Halloween as we waited for trick or treaters (we were sadly disappointed - our street intersects with a busy street that kids won't cross). Since then, the bump has dropped a bit.

Addison wanted to sneak in and say hi!
I love this shirt - my Mom got it for me right after we found out we were pregnant. :)

The last month has flown by, starting Monday, we go every week. WOW! Only 6 and a half more weeks (or less) until our sweet baby boy arrives. We are beyond excited and have so much to be thankful for this Holiday season.

  1. Going to get my H1N1 vaccine today - it will give me peace of mind to have it and will protect Hayden
  2. Having Hayden's room almost done
  3. Girl's Night to Garden Ridge and PF Chang's this past Monday
  4. Feeling incredibly blessed to be right here, right now - 6 weeks away from having a healthy baby
  5. Having incredible friends and family that I miss so incredibly much - I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Four Years Together - Many More To Go

Chip's and my four year wedding anniversary was this past Thursday. We kept it very low key due to the busy (and fun!) wedding weekend we had in Iowa for Jake & Kristi. Chip sent me a bouquet of pink roses (the flower we used in our wedding) - it was a complete surprise and so sweet! It definitely lifted my spirits as this week was end of the month craziness at work. Our anniversary also marked the two months away from meeting Hayden mark. It has gone by so fast!

When I think of the last four years, I am reminded of all of the fun times and adventures that Chip and I have had together. I am extremely blessed to be married to such a patient and loving man who will be an amazing father and is a great provider for our family. Thanks go to my in laws, Skip and Judy, for raising such a fine son. I hope our future daughter in law will feel the same about us as I do for them.

Our adventures in the last four years:
2006 - bought our first house and dog (Izzie) in February
2007 - bought our second dog (Addison) in August
2008 - moved to Pennsylvania in September
2009 - got pregnant in March with a precious baby boy who is due in December

It has been a fun and crazy time - I never thought we would move out of Texas, and yet, as much as I miss my friends and family, I am so thankful we had the opportunity to do so. We have grown so much together as a couple and truly became a family! I look forward to the many more adventures that we will have together.

I could go on and on about the many virtues of my awesome husband - but I have to get to his football tournament. I love you Chip - with all of my heart - and am so thankful for each and every day that we have together. I look forward to many, many more anniversaries together!