Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 26/27 (Blessings #37)

Well - I am officially in the third trimester. This means we are getting closer and closer to baby Hayden being here - it also means I REALLY need to find my camera charger and cord so I can upload pictures... Next weekend we will start really putting the nursery together so it can be ready for the big day.

Everything so far has been great! Hayden is growing and is perfect. We have our next appointment tomorrow (Monday) and then we start going every other week after that. I also get to have my dress altered for Jake & Kristi's wedding next week. It will definitely be a fun time and will be the official debut of the Hayden bump for the Frohling family.


In other news, Chip and I have toured four day cares. We have decided that I will go back to work (or at least try). This decision has been hard for me - I know Hayden will be fine wherever we put him - it is me being able to be away from him and dealing with the responsibilities of being a working mom that is hard. God will provide me with the strength to handle this - I need to let it go. I am in awe of everything He has provided for us so far and the strength He has given us through everything. The journey to be here - to be 27 (almost 28) weeks pregnant is nothing short of a miracle and it is one that we are so grateful for. We are supposed to be parents to this baby - our Hayden - and every heartbreak and set back has lead us to this place. A place of peace. A place of awe. A place where I hope we can use our story to help and encourage others. We received a wooden sign at one of the showers that says "Thank Heaven for Little Boys," - thank heaven indeed. We also received a picture frame with a quote on it that I think was lifted from our hearts - it says, "We loved you before we knew you, even when there was just the hope of you - we loved you." This quote makes me tear up every time I read it - it is so true. We have loved Hayden for a very long time - he has been the hope in our hearts that we knew God would one day bless us with. We are beyond blessed and so very thankful.


My last remaining grandparent, my dad's mom - JoAnn, passed away this week while my parents were on vacation. She had Alzheimer's and was in very poor health. It is hard to see my parents lose their parent as it makes me think of the day when that will happen to Chip and me (in a very very long time from now). I wasn't close to her - she was not what you would call a typicla grandmother type person. However, she did raise my dad and he is an amazing man. The best dad anyone could ever have. Someone who sacrificed so much for our family and overcame so much to be the person he is - I have an enormous amount of respect for him. I hope and pray that she is in heaven with Jesus and that she is no longer in pain. My heart aches for my dad at the sadness of losing his mom.

This happening to her also makes me realize how INCREDIBLY blessed Hayden is (and us). I wish I could have had the type of relationship with my dad's mom that I did with my dad's dad and my mom's parents- JoAnn just wasn't like that and that's okay - she was who she was. My parents and my in laws are not like JoAnn at all. All four grandparents are like my mom's parents and my dad's dad - loving, kind, generous, supportive, fun - the exact type of grandparents you would want. I know that they will be cheering on Hayden at all of his events (whether they are physically there or not). They will be there when we call and will be so excited over every milestone in his life. They will spoil him with love (and other things I am sure - which is 100% their job - to do the fun things with him that Chip & I say no to - ice cream for dinner, late bedtimes, candy, etc.). God has blessed us in this area of our lives so much for which I am on my knees in thankfulness for.


  1. Consignment stores with adorable little boy things I cannot resist.
  2. The internet for keeping in touch with friends.
  3. Perfect fall weather.
  4. Jake & Kristi's wedding - it will be so much fun!
  5. My family - every single one of them.