Saturday, June 27, 2009

13 Weeks (Blessings #29)

This week has been a bit scary to be truthful. I had spotting and cramping Tuesday night and had to go to the doctor for an ultrasound on Wednesday morning. Thankfully, our jellybean is perfect! I have a condition called placenta previa. It is not anything to worry about unless I start bleeding a lot. It is not a danger to our jellybean at all - for which I am so grateful! I am on pelvic rest until my uterus and placenta move up and the spotting stops. Pelvic rest means that I cannot clean, exercise, do any heavy lifting and I have to basically stay off my feet as much as possible. Chip has been so great and his attitude has helped me so much!

The silver lining is that we will have more ultrasounds to see our little jellybean. I am grateful for such wonderful, supportive friends and that our baby is perfect and healthy. The rest we can handle.

In just a few more weeks we will find out the sex, however, our doctor in Texas and the ultrasound technician from Wednesday are thinking blue... We are ecstatic either way! The ultrasound was so amazing - jellybean is really moving around and having a blast in his mommy's tummy. It's such a gift to be able to carry our child!

  1. Understanding doctors
  2. Incredible husband
  3. Sweet dogs who lay in bed with me
  4. Amazing friends and family
  5. Our healthy jellybean

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 & 12 Week Update (Blessings #28)

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind! After the desk catastrophe, things slowed down in the clumsiness realm. The baby is definitely growing - and making Momma sick on some days. I am hoping that the morning sickness will go away, along with the fatigue. I think our girls have definitely figured out that something is changing - they are both so protective of me and won't even let me walk down the stairs alone. Addison walks right next to me and won't go down the stairs unless my hand is on her back - I guess to brace me. Izzie walks in front to protect me in case of a fall. Sweet girls!

My in laws came last week and are leaving tomorrow morning. It has been so awesome having them here - we relaxed, walked, shopped, saw Legally Blonde, went to a strawberry festival and just enjoyed each other's company. We even got to see the Pens win the Stanley Cup - so cool!! I can't believe we live in a city where our teams won the Super Bowl and the Cup in the same year!

My mother in law and I went to go see Legally Blonde the day after the Pens won. When the lead actress came out for her bow, she had on a Pens jersey. Needless to say, the audience went crazy! The show was AMAZING - I totally recommend it!

Other than that, we haven't really had much go on. I go back to Texas for a quick trip on Friday and will get to see my friend Kathy and her new precious babies! YEA! Also, I will be released from Dr. Doody!

OKAY - now I need YOUR help! Chip and I need some suggestions for girl names. So - please comment or email me your ideas.

In the meantime, I promise to try and be more entertaining with my posts. :)

  1. Great inlaws
  2. Being 12 weeks already
  3. Being able to stand fruit again
  4. Pittsburgh temperatures (where it is not 100 degrees)
  5. Sweet family

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keep Feet Firmly Planted on the Floor

The title is my new motto. Why? Well - where to begin. I noticed today at work, while cleaning my desk because I read an article about how desktops are dirtier than toilet seats, that there were spiderwebs in the corners of the window. So I did what any logical woman would do and cleaned them out. One problem - I couldn't quite reach the top corners of the window due to my desk being in the way. My big boss was in the room, so he got one of the corners for me. I neglected to ask him to get the other corner and it was really bugging me. Chip has told me NOT to stand on anything, so I put my knee up on my desk and stretched up as high as I could. Then... CRASH!!! I am talking about a CRASH so loud that my two big bosses (Pres and VP of the company) and one of my coworkers came running thinking that a wall had fallen down.

It was not a wall. It was the middle part of my desk, along with two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse and various other desktop accessories - and it all crashed on top of my CPU. Luckily, I jumped back pretty quickly for a pregnant lady. It rubbed my belly and scratched my ankle. I was physically fine. My pride - not so much! I was mortified. Luckily, the guys were complete gentlemen and so sweet. They assured me the desk broke because it had no support and desks need support. People generally stand on top of furniture at some point to hang stuff, etc. The VP even put my computer stuff all back together on my side desk (my desk is U shaped and the middle of the U is what broke).

Thankfully, Chip had warned me about staying on the floor, so I wasn't standing on it, just leaning on it. (I almost fell off of our bed attempting to hang blackout shades a few weeks ago - that is why I am not allowed to stand on things.) I shudder to think about what would have happened had I been standing on my desk. Now - it is just a funny, if somewhat humiliating, story.

I told Chip about what happened and promised him that both feet would stay on the floor at the same time - no leaning with one knee and reaching up. I have to admit - being pregnant throws off your balance. Today, I am blaming the spiders.

10 Week Doctor Appointment Update (Blessings #27)

I just realized I never updated about the doctor's visit.... here goes. Despite a rough start (time confusion), the visit went awesome! Chip and I barely had to wait. The nurse who helped us was incredibly sweet and kind. Dr. G came in and asked all of the normal questions, checked out stuff and then - the exciting part. She put the on-the-belly Doppler on us and we immediately heard our baby's sweet heartbeat. It was so loud, strong and fast! Dr. G said she thought the baby was a girl. We'll see if she is right - a lot of my friends think we are having a girl. Some days I think girl, others I think boy. Either way is 100% okay with me.

Chip asked me to tell Dr. G about this weird cough I have been having. She said it is acid reflux and put me on 150 mg of Zantac twice a day. It has made a huge difference the last few days! I am very grateful for that. No hugging the toilet for three days in a row!

Overall, the visit went awesome. Dr. G and the staff are all so sweet - and reminded me to call about anything, anytime. I appreciated that reassurance. Dr. G said everything is going great and to keep doing what I'm doing. Chip and I are both very grateful to be in the hands of such caring staff. Our next appointment is in a month. I do get to go to Texas in two weeks for my last appointment with Dr. D.

I forgot to mention today's happenings! I went to get my bloodwork done (totally routine stuff) - I did not realize that I would be feeding vampires. Seriously - they took 6 vials. I am happy to report that I did not pass out and I treated myself to sweet tea for my bravery. :)


  1. My in laws are coming tomorrow
  2. Lessened morning sickness
  3. Sunny days
  4. Big decisions
  5. A blessed life

Thursday, June 4, 2009

10 Weeks (Blessings #26)

I was expecting to write about my first PA OB visit that was scheduled for 6:30 this morning. I was expecting to be excited and talk about the GREAT doctor. That is not what happened. Chip and I arrived at the doctor's office at 6:30 this morning only to find the door locked and the lights off. It was the right place. I received a phone call yesterday confirming my appointment. I called the main line - answering service. I called the nurse - voice mail. We waited for 30 minutes and gave up - frustrated and irritated.

I am waiting until the doctor's office people actual pick up the phone (at 8 evidently). I am anxious to hear what they have to say. We are giving them one more chance depending on what they day. I am confused and let down. What was supposed to be a happy moment turned into an upsetting one.

UPDATE: I called the doctor's office and the person that made the appointment misunderstood me when I asked for the earliest appointment. They gave me the latest appointment - at 6:30 p.m. tonight. When they told me 6:30, I assumed (wrongly) that is was for a.m. and never asked them if it as p.m. SO - tonight we drive back to the doctor. At least Chip can still go with me so that is a blessing. :)

The little jellybean is good though. Making Mommy sick every morning, I see this as a good sign that the jellybean is growing. I will be happy when the getting sick part is over though.



  1. Having insurance and being able to see the doctor of our choice
  2. Going to see Legally Blonde: The Musical with my mother in law next week.
  3. In laws are here on Monday!
  4. A sweet husband who lets me sleep - a lot.
  5. Praying through big decisions