Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keep Feet Firmly Planted on the Floor

The title is my new motto. Why? Well - where to begin. I noticed today at work, while cleaning my desk because I read an article about how desktops are dirtier than toilet seats, that there were spiderwebs in the corners of the window. So I did what any logical woman would do and cleaned them out. One problem - I couldn't quite reach the top corners of the window due to my desk being in the way. My big boss was in the room, so he got one of the corners for me. I neglected to ask him to get the other corner and it was really bugging me. Chip has told me NOT to stand on anything, so I put my knee up on my desk and stretched up as high as I could. Then... CRASH!!! I am talking about a CRASH so loud that my two big bosses (Pres and VP of the company) and one of my coworkers came running thinking that a wall had fallen down.

It was not a wall. It was the middle part of my desk, along with two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse and various other desktop accessories - and it all crashed on top of my CPU. Luckily, I jumped back pretty quickly for a pregnant lady. It rubbed my belly and scratched my ankle. I was physically fine. My pride - not so much! I was mortified. Luckily, the guys were complete gentlemen and so sweet. They assured me the desk broke because it had no support and desks need support. People generally stand on top of furniture at some point to hang stuff, etc. The VP even put my computer stuff all back together on my side desk (my desk is U shaped and the middle of the U is what broke).

Thankfully, Chip had warned me about staying on the floor, so I wasn't standing on it, just leaning on it. (I almost fell off of our bed attempting to hang blackout shades a few weeks ago - that is why I am not allowed to stand on things.) I shudder to think about what would have happened had I been standing on my desk. Now - it is just a funny, if somewhat humiliating, story.

I told Chip about what happened and promised him that both feet would stay on the floor at the same time - no leaning with one knee and reaching up. I have to admit - being pregnant throws off your balance. Today, I am blaming the spiders.

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