Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Loves ...

Izzie after rutting through the snow like a pig.

Addison and Izzie "posing" for a picture in the snow with Daddy. (p.s. it was SEVEN degrees!)

Who Loves Mommy and Who Loves Daddy are the two favorite games that we like to play with our girls. I play the mommy one when I let the girls out their kennel and have taken them out and fed them dinner. I lay on the floor and say in a high pitched voice, Who loves Mommy?" I am rewarded with a Izzie falling over on her side for me to rub her belly as she snuggles against me and licks my hand so I will pet her and Addison trying to lick every speck of makeup (or skin - I'm not sure?) off of my face. It is about the cutest thing you ever seen.
Who loves Daddy is what we play when Chip gets home. The girls bark and whine at the door after they hear Chip's horn when he locks his truck. He walks in the door and Addison tries to jump up off the ground and lick Chip's ear (which she normally succeeds in doing - girl has mad hops). Izzie sits on the ground and wags her tail until Chip walks over to her at which point she promptly falls over on her side so Chip can pet her belly. Again - precious!

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