Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a Great Day to Be Alive (Blessings #8)

I woke up this morning so excited for my doctor's appointment! I went to the doctor and had my blood taken. Then the nurse (whom I absolutely love) did my sonogram and said that everything looked perfect! My lining looks ready, my follicles are at about 10mm and the cyst on my left side SHRUNK. One of my other favorite nurses called me (early!) and said that my E2 levels are awesome at 812 and that they will see me bright and early Saturday for another E2 blood test and sonogram. My meds are staying the same for the next two days (Thursday and Friday). It looks like probably Wednesday will be the egg retrieval and I will get to see Chip! YIPPEE!! I will know more on Saturday... As we all know, the calendar is subject to change.


I was blessed today to be able to spend time with my dear friend, Stefanie, at the school I would have taught at had we not relocated. It was nice to catch up with everyone - and be offered a job (sweet thought - maybe one day a long time from now). Stefanie means a lot to me and we understand each other due to some things we have both gone through. She always know just what Christian encouragement I need and holds me accountable. I hate that she lives so far, but love the time we can be together now!

After the day with Stefanie, I picked up Mom at work and we had dinner with our friends, Aaron and Alicia. They spoiled us with a delicious, home cooked meal! Thank ya'll!! Aaron even made me a fruit smoothie to keep me healthy. We also got to see their venue for the upcoming wedding in 2010 and their gorgeous home (their yard is amazing - I'm on awe of it!).

I also had the chance to text and talk with several friends today - it made my heart happy! Two of them have been through IVF, so they know more than me and encourage me and pray for us! I also talked to my boss who told me to keeping resting and not worry about work - do I have a great job or what?!

Now, I'm off to get some sleep. This whole growing follicles thing is hard work that I am honored to have!

Blessings for Today
  1. A great doctor's appointment - I love the staff and their faith. They take such great care of all of their patients and are so genuinely considerate!
  2. Amazing friends that text and call me
  3. Being able to spend quality time with Stefanie
  4. My friend, Kristy, having her 4D ultrasound today - precious baby! Kathy has an ultrasound tomorrow for the twins - they are getting closer and closer to being here...
  5. Having an amazing husband who is so supportive. My parents, in laws, family and friends are pretty rockin' too!

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