Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's All Great (Blessings #13)

Hey everyone! The last two days have been awesome. I went in for my hCG levels and they needed to be at least 65 - they were 210! This means that the egg retrieval was today. Chip came in last night - it is so nice to sleep in the same bed (and state) as my husband. :)

The egg retrieval went perfectly! I had 22 eggs, 18 of which were viable (meaning that they were the right size to be fertilized). AWESOME! That high of a number is SO the power of prayer at work. I also started my progesterone today so that the babies will stick! We will find out tomorrow how many fertilized and the time that the embryo transfer will be on Monday. It's getting closer - I am so fired up! I will go back to PA on Tuesday and be at work on Wednesday. I miss my PA friends!


In other news, life has been pretty awesome around here. It's so nice to be able to have quality time with family and friends. Yesterday I hung out with my cousin Darra. Tonight we are having dinner with some friends and tomorrow, after I take Chip to the airport, I will spend some time with my friend, TE, at her school. YEA!

Blessings for Yesterday and Today
  1. Safe flights
  2. Getting to see Chip
  3. Quality time with Darra
  4. Awesome weather
  5. Enjoying the moment
  6. Incredible nurses
  7. Amazing power of prayer
  8. Talented doctors
  9. High egg count
  10. God blessing us each step of this journey!

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