Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Time (Blessings #11)

Today was filled with loads and loads of quality family time! My cousin and her husband opened up their home to our crazy family. We haven't seen each other since Christmas and it was so fun to just catch up with everyone. There are two new babies that are 3 months apart. Next Christmas will be crazy with the addition of my brother's new baby and me being pregnant with two more babies. How fun! All of these cousins so close in age with their bigger cousins to watch over them and teach them how to do stuff (like climb into cribs and use light sabers). I am so blessed by such a great family - they are incredibly supportive and just love me.


Tomorrow is my next doctor's appointment and I am looking forward to it. Afterwards, we are going shopping with my mom, aunt, cousin and her precious son and daughter. Her daughter told me today, "I love shopping!" Now that is my kind of girl! I miss my cousin that I am shopping with tomorrow - she lives in Pittsburg, Texas and we were besties growing up (which lead to us getting into trouble together - but hey! That's part of growing up). She is a wonderful woman and it is pretty cool to think of us both having babies. :)

Blessings for Today
  1. Talking to Chip about our crazy dogs - they crack me up! I love that they "sandwich" him while I am away to make him feel loved. Sweet girls!
  2. Time with family - see above - simply stated - they are awesome!
  3. Another relaxing day that is truly a gift from God.
  4. DM giving me my shots and getting to spend quality time with her - who knew that us giving my Granma Water her insulin shots for all those years would pay off in this way?
  5. My faith - I am so thankful to God for everything He is done and the way He has placed certain people and situations in the perfect place. Thank you really can't describe how I feel - but He knows my heart and what I mean.

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