Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's the Simple Things (Blessings #10)

The doctor's appointment this morning went wonderfully! My Mom went with me and we got to see all of the follicles. There were more than the computer could count on the the right side (more than ten) and they were all measuring between 10-12mm. The left side had about five. The lining looked awesome and the nurse turned on the thermal imaging thing and my blood flow is great as well. God has this all so perfectly planned - it's amazing to see and be a part of! They took blood again and my E2 levels are at 1702 (or 1705 can't remember right now which one it was) - which really just rocks! My next appointment is Monday morning (and my medicine levels stay the same) - so tomorrow I have church and chilling with the family. We are having a big get together at my cousin's home. It will be great to see everyone - we haven't all been together since Christmas!

Monday I find out which day will be the egg retrieval. I thought I would find out today, but they want my follicles to grow some more (which is great - everything is just going so awesome). I am thinking it will be Wednesday or Thursday, but we will see. It will be so nice to see my husband and to take these eggs out. I am feeling tender - but I really don't mind. It is a reminder that the medicine is working and, most importantly, that the follicles are growing. It's hard to describe how it feels - kind of like there is an orange or grapefruit (actually two of them) in your lower belly. It makes you not able to eat as much and it makes your belly swollen. I will take it though - it is a blessing and confirmation that everything is going the way it should.


Today I had some quality time with the Bakers. Mary picked me up after the doctor and we went to NRH for an egg hunt, to Halle's soccer game (she scored not one, not two, but THREE goals) and then to my Mom's for lunch and just relaxing. Mary and Brian made dinner for us - catfish, fries, ranch style beans and sweet corn hush puppies and this amazing brownie dessert. A perfect day with some of my very favorite people!

Blessings for Today
  1. Seeing the joy in the girls eyes as they found eggs.
  2. Another great doctor's appointment.
  3. Awesome friends!
  4. Relaxing with the girls.
  5. A great day overall.

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