Friday, April 10, 2009

Resting is Hard Work! (Blessings #14)

So I am supposed to be resting... I am having a hard time doing that. I like to keep busy to make the time go by fast and there are so many people to see and stuff to do. The doctor told me today to REST - so doctor's orders... I am trying!

So - yesterday we got our first fertilization report. Of the 18 viable eggs, 11 were mature. Of the 11 that went through ICSI, 6 fertilized, which I think is pretty great! We will get another call tomorrow (Saturday) to see how the little ones are growing. It is so exciting! For those that don't believe that life begins at conception, this puts a whole new light on it.

Today I had to go to the doctor. No big deal - I have just had some bloating and cramping and wanted to make sure it was normal. It is - I just have to drink TONS of gatorade and water, as well as have a HIGH sodium diet until Monday. Ordered to eat Mexican food? Awesome!

I am excited for Monday and am preparing my body. I am so bloated today (just in the tummy, thank the Lord), that a lady at Wal-Mart remarked at what a cute little momma-to-be I am! I just smiled and said thank you - because she doesn't know just how right she is!


Yesterday Chip flew home - I miss him! Just a few more days...

Okay - I know this is short, but the couch is calling my name and I have a meal to drop off for a friend who just had a baby. Yes - I am resting. I just threw together a chicken pot pie for her and for my sister-in-law. Now - off to REALLY rest...

Blessings for Today
  1. Chip having a safe flight home
  2. Nathan's 2nd birthday party - so fun
  3. A great doctor's appointment and an understanding doctor
  4. A sense of humor
  5. God - let us all remember why Good Friday is something that literally saved all of our lives...

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