Friday, March 20, 2009

Stickin' it to...myself

My doctor appt #2 went wonderfully! My Mom and friend, Kristy, went with me. The sonogram looked perfect and my blood work came back normal. The nurse showed me how to administer the Lupron shots and was quite impressed with my shot training with my Granma (at least that is what I tell myself)... I had a great time in Texas and look forward to going back. Truthfully though, I was ready to get home to Chip and our girls!

While in Texas, I was able to go bowling with Aaron, Alicia and Chip. We ate at Chan's with Mary, the girls, my Mom and the Garrett's. We had TONS of Mexican food and I had LOTS and LOTS of sweet tea. YUM! My Dad and I went to Cavender's (I love the smell of leather that hits you as you walk in). We spent quality time with my brother and sister in law, Elesha, and our sweet nephew, Nathan. Nathan totally loves me best! Okay - and my parent's youngest dog, B.B. I think he just likes her because her name is easy to say... Of course, no trip would be complete without Babe's with the Baker's (Nathan loved Babe's too) and going to a 3D Disney movie (this time - Jonas Brothers). I was super excited at the end of the trip because my cousin Darra met us at Mexican Inn with her three boys and her niece, Haley. Love those boys! They are a mess!! And Haley is in 7th grade - wow! She needs to not date for a VERY long time - she is just too pretty for stinky boys.

Thank you for the prayers - they definitely helped me as I had to give myself my first shot in an airplane (yes plane - not airport) bathroom during turbulence. I have to have the shot at the same time each day, hence the giving myself a shot in such an unusual location. BONUS: it makes for a great story. Honestly, the first shot wasn't TOO bad. However, last night (after yoga - I missed that while I was in Texas too. The studio I tried in Texas with my Dad was not the same as Alex in PA.) I was nervous to give myself my shot. I think because I had been thinking about it all day, I had scared myself and couldn't fathom the thought of sticking a needle into my skin KNOWING it would not feel good. Chip hates to see me hurt (and with my clumsiness, happens quite often) and didn't know if he could do it. However, he saw how nervous I was and gave me the shot. I didn't even hurt! He did a great job and has now earned the title of Official Shot Giver! Thank you, sweetheart, for being so wonderful!

Through this journey, I have received so much support and prayer. This makes me realize that yes - it was definitely the right thing to let down my guard and share what we are going through. This will work - we will be pregnant and I am praying to let go of all of my anxieties so that I can truly ENJOY being pregnant without being worried. I want to just enjoy every moment (even the icky stuff).

Let's cross our fingers that everything continues to go wonderfully and that the medicine I'm on doesn't make me a crazy person. :)

God bless you all on this wonderful first day of Spring. What a gift God has given us with the promise of things to come - new things - that will bloom, grow and be a testament to Him. Like a baby.

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