Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin...

The countdown to the babies has officially begun! Chip and I had our first visit to the doctor and it went so wonderfully. We signed all of the secret study paperwork, I had blood drawn and the doctor was able to move up our calendar by 2 weeks! He went ahead and did the mock transfer and it went very smoothly with minimal discomfort (for which I am so grateful - the books I have read scared the heck out of me). Due to moving up the calendar, I have to stay in Texas until Wednesday so I can have another sono and start my shots (Lupron). The shots arrive tomorrow (Tuesday) and have to stay cold. Please pray for me as I am a *tad* bit nervous about administering shots to myself, as well as traveling with drugs that have to stay at a certain temperature. Sure - I gave my Granma Water her insulin shots all the time since I was eight - it is much different to actually inject a needle into your own skin! It will be okay... it will be okay... the end result is SO worth it!

It feels so real - a month from now the embryos will be transferred to me and WOW! I will be pregnant (hopefully with twins)! I can't believe it - it is SUCH an answered prayer.

So - several people have asked me what happens and when it happens, so here is the lowdown (i.e., very important calendar or countdown to babies 2009 edition):

Wed., 3/18 - doctor appt #2 for sono and begin Lupron - go back home to PA to see sweet husband and our girls
Thurs., 3/19 - Thurs., 3/26 - Lupron shots continue in PA
Fri., 3/27 - back to Texas for doctor appt #3 for sono and E2 blood test, continue Lupron shots
Sat., 3/28 - add Follistim and Menopur shots and continue Lupron shots
Sun., 3/29 - Mon., 3/30 - Follistim, Menopur and Lupron shots
Tues., 3/31 - doctor appt #4 for E2 blood test and continue all shots
Wed., 4/1 - Happy April Fools Day! Continue all shots (no joke)
Thurs., 4/2 - doctor appt #5 for sono, E2 blood test and continue all shots
Fri., 4/3 - continue all shots
Sat., 4/4 - doctor appt #6 for sono, E2 blood test and continue all shots
from here - the schedule will depend on how my body (read: folliciles) are responding to the shots. I will continue all shots and the egg retrieval window will most likely be somewhere between 4/8 - 4/10. After the retrieval, the embryos will grow for five days and then be transferred to me for the next nine months! WOO HOO!! After the transfer, it will be two days of bed rest and back to PA to my wonderful husband, girls, friends and job! :)

I have the best job and bosses ever for being SO flexible with me and the ever changing IVF calendar! I am oh so grateful and thankful for the incredible support that my coworkers (read: friends) have shown me! And no - I will NOT be sharing the place I work on this blog.

I must say - Chip and I both are so thankful - for so much! We are excited to be parents to however many babies God decides we should have. Thank you for the continued support and prayers - it truly means so much to us both!

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