Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day (Blessings #4)

Today was a perfect day, other than the fact that I completely slept through my alarm and missed church. I vaguely remember it going off and hitting snooze and then, not hearing it again...

My mom and I picked up my nephew and watched him for a couple of hours. We went to Babies and Toys R Us. I picked up some presents from a couple of my friends' registries and walked around looking at baby stuff and knowing, with a peace in my heart, that someday VERY soon Chip and I will have a registry of our own. WOW! I even looked at TWIN strollers - ehh gads! I didn't spend too much time going crazy over the wee precious baby stuff, with Nathan that is a little difficult. Besides, I will have plenty of time for that very soon! :)

After the R Us stores, we met Elesha for lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Lunch = blah. Dessert = oh so good! Mom and I then headed to Sam's, Costco and Wal-Mart. I am on an organic food kick/way of life thing (more on that later) and I learned from ET that Costco has organic fruit. Kathy also told me that Myloplex shakes and protein bars help with morning sickness/nausea (a side effect of IVF drugs), so I also stocked up on that. Thanks Mom - she totally spoiled me (as she always does) and bought me a couple of skirts, shirts and a dress that I can wear now and that will work for the first trimester since they are stretchy. It is so nice to be able to talk about the pregnancy that will happen - being positive is helping me. It's not a secret - it's a beautiful thing and we WILL be pregnant, STAY pregnant and HAVE a healthy baby (or two) with God's help.

I am sad that I had to miss Bowl for Kid's Sake in PA today. Our work is a sponsor and it benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters. Chip bowled like a rock star - I wish I could have seen it! I love you, sweetheart, and am excited to see you in a week and a half. Evidently, Izzie managed to get out of her kennel today when Chip was gone. When he got home, Izzie was laying on the bed like what? I am supposed to be here Dad. Little stinker! I miss the girls - it's weird to sleep in a bed without Chip and two dogs (one who weighs 75 lbs and one who is 65 lbs). It's worth it though.

My blessings

  1. The warm sunshine - the cold air has left Texas and it was a balmy 65 today.
  2. Spending time with Nathan and my Mom
  3. Brownie fudge sundae cheesecake
  4. NO bruising from the shots today (yesterday's shots left a massive bruise on my stomach)
  5. Talking to my sweet husband - I miss him so much!

I am off to bed in a bit. To my work friends reading this - thank you for being so supportive and taking up my slack while I'm in Texas. I appreciate ya'll more than words can say. You are NOT only co-workers, you are amazing friends!

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kristen said...

We all miss you!! I am loving the blogging and living vicariously through your time in Texas. Take care and see you very soon!