Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unexpected Side Effect (Blessings #25)

I have recently experienced an unusual, for me, side effect of pregnancy. The desire to NOT shop or spend money. At first, it was just because I didn't feel like shopping - too tired, nauseous, all those teeny baby clothes and the overwhelming desire to touch every one and knowing that our baby will not ever want for clothes because of two wonderful Grandmas (I know my Mom and Mother-in-law cannot resist buying wee clothes for the baby - and I fully support that - their job is to spoil the little jellybean). Now, it is the whole not wanting to spend money thing. The seed planted at the Women's Retreat I went to where I thought seriously about needs vs. wants. Now, I am being super frugal (for me). I bought a book called Baby Bargains that rates various baby items and tells you which is the best value (it is a great book - although I don't agree with everything it says about what you need and don't need). I have been researching and pricing things to find the best deals.

I think Chip is pleasantly surprised at this. I have been cooking more, spending less and generally not buying a lot of unnecessary items. Craigslist has become my friend for researching future baby items that we would like, but are better bought not new. I have some awesome friends who have gifted me with hand-me-downs. I have Judy - who gets an amazing discount at JCP so we will be able to get the baby furniture at a great price! (I found a sleigh-style crib, 3 drawer dresser that we will use as a changing table and dresser, conversion rails and 5 drawer dresser for less than $750 - seriously - awesome deal!)

I didn't expect this side effect. Case in point - JCP had a sale this weekend and we had a gift card from Judy - we bought two throw pillows. That is it. I also had a coupon for a free sample of mascara from Sephora in JCP and I only got the sample! Granted, I did want a body pillow to sleep with at night to help me be more comfortable and some black out shades for our bedroom because it is ten degrees hotter than our downstairs (dang west sun) - I need to get them online or ask Judy to order them for me. She is awesome like that! (and I know she reads this blog - I would write that even if she didn't read this)

So - this side effect. I hope it sticks. I think it will help me be a better wife and mother. Although I have to admit that this side effect has no effect on my love of cards and stationary. I can justify that though - my goal this year is to be more considerate, send more just because mail and I need to write thank yous. I am not sure if this will have any effect on when we have a baby - I think I may have a hard time resisting buying precious baby things. Then again - I am thinking I won't need to buy a thing (besides the basics) because of the aforementioned Grandmas and some awesome friends and their hand-me-downs.

  1. The shopping side effect
  2. Zantac (great for heartburn and doctor approved during pregnancy)
  3. Saltine crackers
  4. Dum dum lollipops
  5. My sweet husband

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