Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nine Weeks (Blessings #24)

Today I am nine weeks. I am officially in my third month of pregnancy and am carrying around a grape-sized miracle. Today is also Chip's 31st birthday - Happy Birthday Honey! It's so crazy to think that, this time next year, we will have a five month old rascal on our hands. Crazy cool!

So far, being pregnant has been great! I definitely cannot wear my pants anymore. I am embracing the maternity pants and all things with stretch waistbands. Good thing I love skirts and dresses! I have been having some typical first trimester symptoms: morning sickness, nausea, heartburn and indigestion, fatigue, etc. I do cry at the silliest stuff too - commercials, anything involving a baby or children or animals. Ahh - hormones! I am enjoying being pregnant - the end result is 100% worth it.

My first PA OB appointment is next week (Thursday). YEA! It feels even more real now. I have also been slowly researching baby room stuff. Not ordering or anything - just researching for the best values for our precious one...


I promised to write about the appointment where we first heard the heartbeat. It was magical! We were able to make the appointment for the day before we left for our family trip to Alaska. My Mom, Chip and I went in the room while my Dad stayed in the waiting room. The doctor was awesome! He talked about his cruise to Alaska and joked around with us. Then he said, "Do you see it?" I didn't know what it was and I didn't see it. Chip immediately did. He showed me the teeny light flickering on the screen. The doctor confirmed that we had one pregnancy and it was healthy. Dr. Doody thought this was better since it is healthier for the Mom and baby. I thought I would be sad, but I wasn't - I just felt a sense of joy. Utter and complete joy.

Then Dr. Doody turned on the volume. A quiet woosh-woosh sound filled the room. I looked at Chip and immediately started crying. It was our baby's heartbeat - a strong 115 bpm! A perfect and beautiful sound - music to my ears. Calm filled me - God has so had this under control and planned this very moment for us. Dr. Doody told us that the heartbeat would go up to the 149-160+ range by the next appointment. Dr. Doody then, just for fun, showed us the baby in 3D. It was the most precious little blob I have ever seen. Our little jellybean.

To be able to hear the heartbeat, with my husband, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is impossible to describe how amazing it was and still is. It was a moment that I will never forget. I am so thankful to God for this miracle He has bestowed on us. He is amazing and our baby will be perfect thanks to Him.


  1. God's faithfulness
  2. Amazing friends
  3. Chip's birthday
  4. Being married to someone who will be such an incredible Daddy
  5. Everything... even heartburn

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