Monday, May 4, 2009

Babies Babies Everywhere (Blessings #21)

It seems like so many of my friends are pregnant right now. This is very exciting to know I will have munchkins at the same time as some of our friends. However, it does make my heart ache for some of my other friends who are where we were - on the roller coaster of wanting to be pregnant and not being pregnant... It breaks my heart for them. I have faith that they will get pregnant and God will answer their prayers as He answered ours.

Congratulations to our friends B&I who are expecting, as well as L&M and E&C. I am using initials because I don't want to be the one who spreads the news... I am so happy for all of them!

This weekend we went to Chuck E. Cheese with a friend and his daughter & daughter's mommy, went house hunting (found a couple of possibilities), enjoyed junk food (my tummy does not appreciate it), had lunch with a friend and enjoyed a quiet weekend of lots of time with just us. I needed that! We bought a carpet cleaner and Chip cleaned the carpets. The smell was getting to me and wow - the carpets are so clean now! The stuff that got sucked out of the carpet -EWWW!!!! Thank you, Chip, for doing that!

Other than that - we are just doing laundry so we can pack for our cruise. I am super excited for our appointment on Friday - just a few more days!! YEA! It will be nice to relax and do nothing (wait - I have been doing that anyway...)

  1. So many friends and so many precious babies
  2. Gorgeous weekend weather
  3. Clean carpets
  4. Sweet husband
  5. Lunch with Lindsay

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