Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's in a Name?

The title of this blog came about because, well, I am a Texan now living in Pennsylvania. The purpose is to keep our friends and family updated on what we are doing.

Chip and I are on a great adventure that is bringing us closer together. We have a wonderful marriage and, now, we are exploring all that Pennsylvania has to offer. Our girls (read: dogs), Izzie and Addison, are loving it here. There are so many critters for them to run after!

Our new house (see link for pictures) is becoming a home. I even made curtains for the living room and dining room today! (note: Stitch Witchery is awesome -what a time saver over sewing!) I will upload pictures of the INSIDE of our house once I have everything put away and pretty. :)

Gosh - I am thinking (scary, I know). Where do I start? Do I tell you about the drive? The housing adventure that lead us to our current (awesome) home? Since I am a random person, there is no telling!

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Our Flock of Sheep said...

I cant wait to read and see how things are going for you guys. Thanks for blogging. I dont seem to get to it often enough but dont forget to ck on the girls here :)