Monday, September 15, 2008

Meandering Roads

The roads is Pennsylvania don't go straight. They meander and are extremely curvy. For my Texas friends, think of the Haslet hill that curves - the roads here are like that. At first, the curves made me a bit nervous - you can't see what's coming. Now that I am getting to know that area, I like the curves and the way the road goes up and down like a small roller coaster. The trees grow up and over the road making anywhere you drive seem even more picturesque.

Today, while driving to the library and grocery store, I thought about how life is like that. Our lives do not always go in a straight path - we meander and go through ups and downs. Eventually, we wind up right where God intended for us to be - even if it takes us ten times longer to get there because of our own stubbornness. The gentle, winding roads reminded me to take lifes curves with grace and to be excited about what new opportunities and adventures lay just around the bend, out of sight. It reminded me to take the time to enjoy the ride - to not rush - to just BE in the moment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

I hope your week is filled with pleasane surprises and that you stop to appreciate just where you are. Know how much I appreciate and love you!

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Joseph said...

Lucia, its Joe D. I just heard you and Chip moved to PA. Please email me at so we can catch up.