Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Days

This weekend has been a laid back one. We have pretty much been chill-alxing most of the time.

Friday night, we decided to have Chip's Famous Grilled Cheese and I heated up some fries and tomato soup. We rented some movies and laid on the couch with our girls. Perfect for a rainy evening! Our complex also put in a fenced dog run area - Izzie and Addison LOVED being able to just run and play not on a leash.

Saturday we headed to Sports Rock Cafe in downtown Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh I Club game watch. Iowa beat State! Iowa defense played an awesome game. Still feeling the taste of victory, we headed over to Trax Farms. The gift shop is amazing - I could have looked around for hours! I decided to wait until my Mom comes to really look around. Chip and I bought some delish fresh produce that was picked THAT DAY. We stocked up on fresh peaches, tomatoes and I bought some corn. It probably won't be as good as Iowa corn - but we''ll give it a shot. We had Bruster's for dinner. YUMMY ice cream!!

Today we planned on checking out a church - but, upon further research of the church, it is not the kind we are looking for. So we will try out another one. I am OH SO grateful for my LG in Texas so I can stay connected. My LG friends are incredible! We did check out a dog park (Upper Frick Off Leash Dog Park) today in Squirrel Hill. (Note to self: do NOT wear jeans and boots when going to look at dog parks. It is hot and boots are heavy!) When we were driving through, I noticed some really cool little shops that I am excited to check out when my Mom gets here.

Kindness for this weekend
  • Being lazy with my husband
  • The very nice people who made us feel so welcome at the I Club game watch.
  • The extra ice cream we got at Bruster's.
  • Delish grilled cheese!
  • Getting to see Wicked with my Mom when she is here visiting
  • Phone calls from friends to see how we are doing
  • Movie night
  • Fresh produce
  • Hiking
  • Seeing my girls smile when we take them on adventures

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Kristina said...

I am so happy you shared with me. I was just thinking about you. I am glad to see all is going well.