Friday, September 12, 2008

Promised Pictures

This sign sums up how I feel right now about life.

The girls posing on the guest room bed. It's ready for visitors! Our room.

Look - I took (and posted) pictures of the upstairs and outside of our new home! Downstairs pictures to come once all of the boxes get put away. Click here for the full album.

I am actually posting before lunch. YIPPEE! Today I have so much kindness (and it's only 1 p.m.) to be thankful for.

  • Chip gave me lunch money so I could get some sweet tea at Chick-Fil-A.
  • My Mom is coming to visit on September 23rd and is staying until Saturday night! I can't wait to see her and go exploring with her.
  • The joy I felt in writing a thank you note for a wedding gift I misplaced and found when we were moving. I did feel some embarassment at misplacing the gift - it did make my heart happy to write an apology and thank you.
  • The cleansing rain that I woke up to this morning. There is something to be said for God's gifts to us through nature. The windows were open and I heard the most gentle rain - that coupled with a breeze and the curtains moving in the wind made it a perfect way to wake up.
  • Chip tucking me in and saying to get some extra sleep - he said I deserved it for working so hard on our home. I feel back asleep with the girls in bed with me listening to the rain.
  • The sweet emails I received from Paula, Doc, Josh, Linda, Jim and Sheila. My heart was (is) so full of love for the people in my life - I am so blessed! Two of the emails made me cry at the gratitude I felt from the amazing friends God has blessed me with.

I know that there is only more kindness and gratitude in the weekend ahead. I am so giddy just thinking about it! Tonight I am making dinner (THIRD time this week - WOW) for my sweet husband. Tomorrow we will go to a Hawkeye watch party in downtown Pitt with the Pitt Hawkeye Club and then off to a farm to pick apples and get fresh produce (maybe even some ice cream - although there is no way it could compete with Picket Fence - a wonderful creamery owned by our cousins in Iowa). On Sunday we are trying out a new church that the internet guy recommended and then off to take the girls to a dog park.


Sheila said...

Sweet Lucia! What a great job you have done to get everything together. You work fast Girl! I'm so proud of your attitude through this life transition ~ you are a great example to me and are inspiring me to have a more positive attitude about things I'm not very excited about. Love you Girl!

Our Flock of Sheep said...

Thanks so much for the loving connection to your new PA life! What a joy to read- and stay connected! amy