Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update in a Listy Way

Where do I start? So much happened this weekend - so I am doing a cool listy, bulleted update (with PICTURES even!). Enjoy! NOTE: the pictures are not in the actual order of events because I am still learning how to use Blogger. :) See all of the pictures here.

Thursday and Friday I cleaned house, ran errands and went to lunch with a Tri Delta sorority sister at Al's Cafe in Bethel Park and went to Trax Farm. I could seriously do some serious damage in that store! Also, you will be proud of me! I made stuff - from SCRATCH! I made Caramel Apple Dip and homemade Cream Cheese Icing to go with a spice cake mix I found called Grandma's Wacky Spice Cake (wacky because it is made with apple cider vinegar).

Friday night, the Palmer family came to see us. Justin and Chip went to the University of Northern Iowa together. Ellie, his wife, and I became great friends. They actually got engaged at our house in Texas! They live in Illinois and have an ADORABLE 5 month old puggle named Gracie. Friday night our neighbors, Luke and John, had a get together. We all stayed up WAY late hanging out with a bunch of new people. Also - there was consumption of beverages.

Saturday started early - 5:45 a.m. - we all got ready and headed to Heinz Stadium for tailgating and to go to the game. After the game, we all took a nap and went to dinner and then to downtown Pittsburgh to see the sights.

Sadly, today our friends headed back to Illinois. We miss them already! I am looking forward to my Mom coming on Tuesday. YEA! I bought my tickets to go back to Texas for a visit, I will be there October 3rd - 7th (Thursday - Tuesday).

I have also really been working on patience this week. It has actually gone pretty well - I do have to take deep breaths and remind myself to be patient. I have noticed a change in how I act and I try to think of the other person more. Maybe the person who cut me off in traffic is on their way to pick up a sick child from school - thinking like this has helped me to be more relaxed. I am excited to see what the other ladies in my LG have to say - they know that I really have to work on being more patient and less of a planner.

Tailgating for the Iowa vs. Pitt game was awesome! There were so many Iowa fans at the game - totally unreal! Also, Ellie and I are rockstars at ladder golf (i.e., dingle balls). Last time I played I was AWFUL, evidently Apple Spice wine makes me good at ladder golf. We went 4 for 4 and then retired. The game - fun, but sad that the Hawkeyes lost by ONE FRICKIN' POINT! Our seats were amazing too - great job on getting us awesome seats babe!

Ellie and Justin in front of the lights of Pittsburgh.
My love, Chip, and I in front of the city.
Ellie and I - two girls who enjoyed a bottle of wine at dinner.

Ellie and I before our Ladder Golf reign.
First beer of the day. The friends we made are parked next to us in the Jeep. SUPER nice!

Grace and Addison playing tug of war with a squirrel this morning. They LOVED each other. Izzie was the referee.

I hope your weekend was wonderfully relaxing and fun!

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