Tuesday, September 24, 2013


"Mommy, I like math and I'm really good at it!"

"I can hit the ball WWAAAYYYY over the fence!  Wanna see me?"

"I"m super fast!"

"See my super strong muscles?"

"I'm going to grow as big as my Daddy!  I won't stop growing!"

"I can play football with those big kids!  They will like it!"

To have the complete self confidence of a three and a half year old.  I wish I had just a quarter of his energy and self esteem.  The funny things he says, with such complete certainty, warm my heart.  I want him (and Dawson & Ansley, too) to always be this confident.  I want him to know that he can truly do anything he wants because he can. 

When I look at Hayden and see that he has some of the same qualities and characteristics as me, it makes me proud.  I like myself more when I see myself reflected in him.  It gives me confidence.  Hayden has my smile, my eye shape, my sensitivity, love of books and temper.  He has Chip's athletic ability, love of shoes, easy going nature and sense of humor. 

It is our job as parents to instill confidence and to be that "soft place to land" for our kids.  Hayden can try new things, test boundaries, be his complete silly self and let it all go with us.  In turn, he sharpens me.  He teaches me to slow down, to have more patience, to let the housework and laundry go.  Seeing the world through his eyes is so much fun!  The yumminess that is a waffle sandwich, the fun in splashing water everywhere, the joy of helping, of laying on the ground with the babies, the cool factor of a bug and the payoff when you finally (carefully) catch it - all of these things I have learned from him.  Sure, I can teach him how to do certain things, but he is teaching me so much more - including being confident in who I am.

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