Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Month In

You on December 22, 2009
You on January 22, 2010

Dear Hayden,

Today you are one month old and - whew! - the time has flown by and yet it is so hard to imagine our life without you in it. On Monday, you will have your one month appointment. I'm excited to see how much you've "officially" grown in height and weight. You have done so much in a month!
  • You are 22.5 inches long using the tummy time mat measuring tape (from 19.5 inches)

  • You are almost ten pounds according to the bathroom scale (from 7 lbs 7 oz)
  • You have beautiful blue eyes and are a miniature version of your Daddy.

  • You have the LONGEST fingers and toes - your feet are as big as some other babies feet who are 3 and 4 months old. I think this means you will be tall. You definitely have the Frohling paws. :) I love when you hold onto my finger - it's so sweet!

  • You are now wearing size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month clothes. You grew out of newborn diapers and clothes at two weeks. You were never able to wear newborn shoes or booties.

  • You are reaching your milestones like a champ.

  • You are lifting and turning your head - I love that you head butt my shoulder or your Daddy's when you are hungry for the tata. You also eat like a champ.

  • You have had your first bath (sponge and real). You were NOT a fan of the sponge bath or the sling thing that went in the tub. You love having a bath now - especially in the basement bathroom rather that than the kitchen sink. I think it's the warmness. The lotion massages are growing on you.

  • You are starting to lose your baby hair. You have this one hair in the middle of the top of your head that is white blonde and is about two inches long and sticks straight up. I cut it today because your Daddy and I keep thinking it's one of our hairs that landed on you and I don't want to accidentally pull it out and hurt you.

  • I have to cut your nails every few days - I filed them for the first two weeks and now use the infant scissors. I do it when you are napping.

  • On Thursday, you took your first nap in your crib - you still sleep in the bassinet next to our bed at night. Mommy tried to put you in your crib last night and I physically couldn't do it. I like having you in our room next to use - plus it makes the nighttime feedings MUCH easier for me. I am so grateful for the video monitor - watching you sleep is so wonderful!

  • You have shown us your first smile and grin - which makes my heart break into a million pieces. It lights up your WHOLE entire face - your eyes crinkle and your dimple shows. I love it when you did it while your breastfeed - I think you are telling me "mmm - this is good milk mommy."

  • You had your first cold :( you handled it like a champ - it made Mommy feel so bad (and Daddy too). You were so stuffed up and congested - we gave you steam baths at night, saline drops, elevated the head of your mattress, let you sleep on our chests, bought a humidifier, nasal aspirated your nose (which you HATE) and then tried Q-Tips to get the snot and buggers out (the Q Tips work best and you don't hate them as much - Mommy is very careful when she does it). We are still using the humidifier and saline drops. The Q tips make me nervous so I don't use those unless I absolutely have to because nothing else is clearing it up. It breaks my heart when you wake yourself up because you can't breathe. It is getting much better now - I will be grateful when it gets warmer and we don't have to use the heater so much.

  • You love to have staring contests with your Daddy and me.

  • You talk so much - you like to have conversations with us.

  • You prefer to sleep on your side. If we put you on your back, you move to your side. It's the cutest thing! You also like to look left more than right - does this mean you'll be left handed?

  • The Ocean Wonders Seahorse and Aquarium can quiet you down at night when you are restless. The best remedy for calming you is you snuggling against your Daddy or me. Daddy does it best. I love how you just burrow into us - you are a snuggle bug and I hope you stay that way!

  • You already have a favorite blanket - it's a brown polka dot one from Target that mommy's friend Deb got you.

  • You are not a fan of shopping - when we are out and about, you are good for about two hours - then you want to go home. I'm okay with that (and it's better on our pocketbook for sure).

  • You LOVE when we read or sing to you. Your favorite books right now are Dr. Seuss' ABC's, Goodnight Moon and Baby's Happy Faces.

  • You had your first playdate on Wednesday with our friend Lindsay and her sweet daughter Brynn. We're thinking of arranging your marriage - what do you think?

  • Your are on a pretty good schedule most nights. Right now, you go to bed about 10:30 and wake up around midnight, 3 and 6 to feed. After your 6 feed, you are up for a couple of hours and you like to snuggle with your Daddy.

  • You are lactose intolerant, so I have had to change my diet. I am eating much healthier now.

  • You have had so many visitors and have so many people who love you! We are beyond blessed!!

  • You are such a wonderful baby and a miracle from God. We love you more than words can ever, ever say!!
  • You have changed your Daddy and me and the girls in so many ways.

  • Your Daddy wants to see you the second he comes home from work.

  • The girls watch over you. Addison hates it when you cry and makes sure whoever is holding you is doing a good job. Izzie likes to be in whatever room you are in.


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Peggy said...

oh Lucia...this was all so very sweet and special. Good for you for taking the time to put all of those very special words down on paper...Sheila has left an impression on you about writing down the blessings! I think that Hayden is SO lucky to have you for a Mommy...there is no doubt that God's time was the right time!