Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hayden's Birth Story

On Tuesday, December 22nd, my Mom, Chip and I arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. for me to be induced. By 6:30 a.m., the pitocin drip was started and I was 90% effaced and at a 3. Our doctor informed me that she would break my water after she was done with a procedure in the OR that was set to begin at 7:30a.m. Over the next couple of hours, the pitocin was increased and contractions were starting.

The contractions started getting painful around 10 a.m. so we decided I would go ahead and get the epidural before my water broke. At 10:45, I was all set with the epidural and Chip came back in the room (they kicked him out while they got the epidural set - it took a bit as I have really tight back ligaments and small vertebrae spaces). I was so nervous about getting an epidural, but it truly was not painful. I told the nurse that I had to use the restroom before the epidural, but she told me to wait until after the epidural kicked in and the pressure on my bladder would not be as bad and they would drain my bladder. When Chip came back in the room, I told him I thought I had maybe wet myself as I felt a cold sensation in that area. He handed me tissue to check and then there was this huge gush that came out of me. I thought I was wetting the bed and couldn't stop crying and laughing because it was funny, but I was so embarrassed. I called the nurse and she came in and checked me and said that my water had broke. About a minute later the doctor came in to break my water and found it had already broken.

They checked me again and I was progressing slowly, but steadily. I was dilating by about 1 cm per hour. My Mom, Dad, Chip and I all waited around, watched TV and waited some more. At 5, the doctor came back and said I was at an 8 and she expected me to be at a 10 and to be ready to push by 7. At 7, she returned and I was still at an 8. She said they would give me until 8:30 p.m. and, if there was no change, then we would do a c section. She said it felt like my pelvis wasn't spreading enough and the baby's head might be stuck.

When she returned at 8:30, I was still at an 8. We decided that a c section would be best for the baby and me. My epidural medicine had just run out, so they gave me the medicine to numb my lower half for the c section. Chip got into his scrubs and they wheeled me to the OR. I felt tugging, pulling, a ton of pressure and then, at 9:40 p.m., we heard the sweetest noise ever, our son's first cry. We both fell instantly in love with our miracle. To see my husband holding our son was a sight that brought tears to my eyes. We were here - we have a healthy baby boy who is a miniature replica of his Daddy and our life feels complete. 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 19.5 inches of perfection. When Chip was holding him, Hayden stuck out his tongue at his Daddy and they exchanged looks of love. When I FINALLY got to hold him (an hour after he was born because they were stitching me up), he immediately went for my chest and latched on like a champ. Even the nurses were impressed at his super sucking ability.

Now - 12 days later - I am still amazed at our blessing. I am amazed at my life. I am amazed by the incredible man I married who is already such a wonderful Daddy. He's a natural. I thank God every night for our miracle, for my life, for all that He has given us. I am truly thankful.

I love you Hayden!

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Laura Simcik said...

I am so happy for you Lucia!