Monday, February 1, 2010


My New Year's resolutions this year are to be the best wife and mommy that I can be - to give my family the love and attention they deserve. As any new mom can tell you, when you have a new baby, things like housework, laundry, meals, etc. get put on the back burner a bit (actually a lot). I am a task oriented person, so while I am at home on maternity leave and "my job" wasn't getting done at the level I wanted it to, I felt worthless. How was I being a good wife when I wasn't keeping a good home? Chip never made me feel this way, he doesn't equate being a good wife with those things. I just have to be me. Why couldn't I just be happy with that? Many wives would give anything to have a husband like mine. Then I had a realization - our sweet baby is NOT going to be a baby for long - there will always be housework. Pretty obvious, right?

Having this moment made me realize that by being a good mommy and taking care of our baby boy that God has blessed us with, I am being a good wife as well. I am so amazed at the awesome gifts in my life. God is so good to us! He even provided a way for me to keep at least a handle on the housework through the form of a website that my friend Mia shared - Try the Home Organization Plan under Tools. It's pretty great!

So now - I still resolve to keep my resolutions and I can't think of anything else that I would rather do. Excuse me - I'm off to cuddle my little man before he won't let me anymore...

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