Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Months In...

You on February 22, 2010

Dear Hayden,

Four days ago you turned two months old! So much has happened in the last month and each day you bring more and more joy to our lives!

  • You had your two month appointment yesterday and handled the shots so well! Much better than Mama did. Of course, the doctor said you are perfect!
  • You hated when the doctor looked at your ears!
  • You are now 24 inches long.
  • You now weigh 13 pounds and 11 ounces.
  • Your head circumference is 41 centimeters.
  • You are in the 50-75th percentile for your weight and length combined and head size. Just your weight at your age puts you in the 90-95th percentile.
  • You had your first walk outside the day after you turned one month old and it put you fast asleep.
  • You like to ride in the front carrier when we go to the store. This helps me have my hands free and I can cuddle with you while I get my chores done.
  • You now wear size 1-2 diapers.
  • You are in size 3-6 month onesies and shirts (even some 6 - 12 month ones) and wear size 0-3 month pants.
  • You held a rattle for the first time by yourself when you were seven weeks old!
  • You grin and coo at us all the time and it absolutely melts my heart.
  • You are an expert Skyper!
  • You are already a model - our cousins put you on their website.
  • You had your first ear infection - a slight one in your right ear - as a result of being so congested. This made Mama and Daddy very sad!
  • You laughed out loud for the first time when you were eight weeks old and do it all the time now. You like mornings best and when Daddy gets home- you smile and play so much then!
  • You'v lost most of your baby hair - except at the back, so you kind of have a "skullet." Your crazy hair just keeps growing.
  • You are not a huge fan of your car seat - but you are getting better at being in it.
  • You had your first airplane rides last week! We went to Texas to visit friends and family. Daddy had to stay home and work and BOY did he miss you! We sent him pictures every few hours. Everyone loved meeting you and you were such a good boy! You just let everyone love on you. Mama is still recovering from our trip - all of the running around made us both exhausted. You did awesome on the flight - you ate and slept the whole way through.
  • Yesterday you did the cutest thing! You were in your bouncy chair while I was on a business call. I walked over to get you after the call ended and you smiled so big when you saw me. It melted my heart!
  • You are so adorable and wonderful - Daddy and I are still debating if I will go back to work... It's a tough choice but I know we will do our best to make the right one for our family.
  • You have started rubbing your eyes when you're sleepy - so cute!
  • We have stayed in the house a lot this month because we have had SO much snow and I don't like to take you out in that. This has actually been a record breaking month of snow and I will be glad when spring is here so we can go on walks outside!
  • You love music - country music is your favorite!
  • Man can you blow out a diaper! It's pretty funny and pretty messy!

We love you so much, baby, and are so proud of you! You are growing so fast and amaze us with all the new things you do each day.



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