Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Dear Hayden!

Dear sweet son,

what have you done?

You do not want to nurse -

Is this some kind of daycare curse?

You do not like my left side - could I ask you why?

Luckily, you only refused me once, but that one time made me cry.

You were a bit fussy and only wanted your Daddy.

Daddy read books to you to calm you down.

You like the voices he uses and when acts like a silly clown.

You must have known that Mommy needed some love from Daddy's mini-me,

so you decided to get up four times last night to feed.

Little one, I want you to know that four a.m. is not wake up time.

I rocked you to sleep, laid you in your monkey and then "RISE & SHINE!"

Out went the paci from your mouth and open went your eyes.

You looked up at me and smiled, cooed and help up your arms- you are wise!

I am not immune to your charms.

I picked you up, sang to you and laid in the guest bed with you in my arms.

You settled your sweet head on my chest, looked up at me with that gummy grin

and then...

We slept.

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Laura Simcik said...

So, so, so very sweet!