Thursday, April 22, 2010

Four Months In...

Momma - Seriously, you just took my picture at the doctor's office AFTER I got shots. This is the best smile you're going to get right now...(look closely at his right hand - hmmm...put that finger down young man)

Dear Hayden,

I am ready for time to stand still! You need to QUIT growing already - okay?!

  • We went to Texas this month for Aaron and Alicia's wedding. Our Iowa friends got to meet you for the first time and MAN! You are a charmer and had everyone loving on you (even our friends who say they aren't baby people were in love with you).
  • You are still such a snuggle bug! I love that you are a snuggler and I enjoy every moment of it. This means that dinner is normally pot luck and the house work and laundry pile up. Luckily, your Daddy and I are on the same page and we know the work stuff will always be there - you just keep insisting on growing...
  • You are now 16 pounds and 25 inches long with a head circumference of 43 centimeters. You are in the 75th percentile and 100% perfect and healthy! The doctor even said what a perfectly awesome baby you are.
  • The doctor said we could start you on food - we're going to try it this weekend and see how it goes. The pictures should be pretty funny I think since you are already eyeballing our food and tried to take a head dive into your Daddy's pasta the other night.
  • You are pretty much in size 3 diapers - I am using up the remaining size 2 diapers and it is a tight squeeze. Thank goodness for elastic!
  • You are in 3-6 month onesies and pants. I think you will be out of the 3-6 shirts soon...they are starting to get a bit snug.
  • You are still in size 2 shoes (or 0-6 month Robeez since we normally put you in those for the sole purpose of keeping your socks on since you like to kick those off now - ha!).
  • You had your SECOND ear infection - this time in your left ear (boo) - this made me sad, but you were fine. You were even nice enough to share it with me and I had a double ear infection. This happened two days before we left for Texas, thank goodness the antibiotics worked fast. Both of us did great on the flight (and Daddy came too which made it MUCH easier).
  • You are SUCH a happy, smiling, laughing baby. Your gummy grins melts my heart. You have this special smile and laugh that you reserve for your Daddy and me only. I try to capture it on camera, but you refuse. I love that smile and laugh!
  • You LOVE when we blow raspberries on your tummy and nom on your thighs and neck. I have to be careful though since you grab my hair when I do that. You laugh so loud!
  • You also LOVE when we lift you over our head and do "Super Baby."
  • You like to eat the feet of the monkeys on your bouncer and exercise mat. You have a lion that hangs from your car seat handle that you also like to chew on. Actually, you like to chew and suck on EVERYTHING! The doctor said you're not teething yet - it's just what you like to do.
  • You do art at school - you were not a fan of finger painting at first, now you like it - as long as you can do it ALL BY YOURSELF. If your teachers try to help you, you get very upset. It's pretty precious. You like the construction paper art too - mainly because you like to try and eat the paper. Your teachers are also pretty in love with you. I love that!
  • You played in an exersaucer for the first time on April 1st at Grandma and Grandpa Texas' house. You weren't so sure about it. We have a jumperoo at home that you played in for the first time on April 10th (we put a yoga mat under your feet) - you are starting to really like it! You lift up your legs or move on one leg like a flamingo and think you are so BIG!
  • You like to be in the mix - you enjoy sitting in your bumbo and are a rock star at rolling from your front to your back and from your back to your side!
  • You do NOT like to be ignored - you want us to play with you or talk to you. How can we resist? You are adorable!
  • Your favorite activity is playing on your exercise mat. So much so that you have gotten up at 5:30 the last two mornings to play on it with your Daddy and watch ESPN. It's pretty cute!
  • You always wake up in the BEST mood - which I love. You coo and laugh and smile. It's so funny when you smile at us with your BIG grin with your paci in your mouth or you will pop out your paci to smile at us. If you are not ready to sleep yet, you do this. Lately, you have been eating a TON so I think you are ready for food.
  • You would rather be naked! You love when we get home from school and I take your pants off and you just kick and kick and kick like a little frog. You love diaper changes - well the part where you are naked.
  • Last night you really loved the bath and splashed in it for the first time! You loved making a big watery mess!! We want to join somewhere with a pool and try that out to see what you think.
  • You sat in the grass for the first time last night with your buddy Owen. You weren't quite sure about could be that you were tired. Soon enough you will be digging in the dirt and eating it.
  • You are VERY loved! We are going to Iowa next month for Tony & Michelle's wedding and for your christening. I don't think you will be sat down once while we are there. Save your early mornings for Iowa - your Grandpa is an early bird and will love being up with you. I bet he will tell you lots of stories. Grandma and Grandpa Frohling can't wait to see you in person - they already can't get enough of you on Skype!
  • We took you to church for the first time in Pennsylvania. We went to the six o'clock service on Saturday night and that was much better. You got hungry during the service, but our church has a lounge area with a TV to watch the service, which was nice - and we met a nice Mommy who could see how in love with you I am.
  • Your Daddy and I know that you are destined for great things and are so proud of you already. We will always support and love you!



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