Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 22/23 (Blessings #35)

Chip and I have started an at home Friday date night tradition. For the past few weeks, we have done pizza and a movie. The fun twist to this (besides spending much needed quality time together) is that we are making our own pizzas. Chip is much more adventurous than I am - he has made all kinds of concoctions - including cheeseburger pizza. I make plain ole cheese pizza every week. UNTIL NOW! Last week I found two recipes on for us to try: Pepper, Onion and Feta Pizza for Chip and Taco Pizza for me.

Here are the results of our adventurous cooking:

Chip's Pizza - he added some Italian cheese blend to the tomato basil feta cheese. He said he would make it again, but with the steak they use on Philly Cheese steak sandwiches next time.

My pizza - I added more meat than the recipe called for and added crushed Baked! Tostitos, lettuce and tomato. I also used pre-made crust. It was definitely a "fork" pizza, but oh so yummy!
This week also marks my 23rd week - it is amazing! I haven't gotten sick (knock on wood) in a couple of weeks and I am feeling more energized. The fun part is that Chip can REALLY feel Hayden kick now - he moves a lot! He does let me sleep so I am thankful for that. I am hoping that means he will sleep good when he is born - but we will see. :) My belly button is stretch, stretch, stretching - very odd to see the bottom scar of where my belly button ring used to be.
I am really enjoying this part of pregnancy. We have the nursery furniture all ordered (thanks Judy, Skip, Mom and Dad) and it should be arriving in a few weeks. We have the bedding (thank you Darra). It is all slowly coming together. I also received some sweet surprises in the mail this week - Jake & Kristy's wedding invitation, a pregnancy care package from my friend Kristy, and a surprise birthday gift from my brother and sister in law (and I am oh so thankful Elesha picks out my gifts - hehe). I also found out that one of my friends (she and her husband sang at our wedding) started a BOY'S clothing company that is awesome! Check it out at - the adorable red head is their son, Jude.
I am heading to Texas next Friday for our baby showers. My sweet friend Mary, my Aunt Cindy and my sister in law are throwing one for me at my Mom's house. My LifeGroup is also throwing me one at my sweet cousin Darra's home. I found the most perfect hostess gifts for them that my LifeGroup leader made, but I will have to share that after the shower so they don't find out what they are getting. Sheila is amazing and so talented! Chip is staying home with our girls so I know I will get in lots of girly girl time - and that will include some Mexican food with virgin margaritas.
Everything else is our world is pretty awesome! Chip and I are enjoying time together to just relax and do things together before Hayden arrives. The weather in PA is gorgeous right now - lows in the 50s and it warms up to the high 70s or low 80s. Perfect weather for walks, keeping the windows open and just being outside basking in the blue skies. I do love Fall - the crisp air and change of season. Plus -it means I'm closer to Hayden's due date in December.
I do have to compliment my sweet husband for a minute. He has signed me up for monthly prenatal massages that are SO appreciated, taken complete care of the dogs (picking up dog poo is a no go for me right now) and has encouraged me to just relax. It is so appreciated and I am so blessed to be married to someone who loves his family so much. He is definitely a daddy and I can't wait to see him with Hayden - I expect there will be lots of father/son bonding with ESPN on in the background. I think Hayden's first sound will be the SportsCenter theme song.
I also want to say how grateful I am for a new friendship. My friend, Jamie, and her husband and kids are so wonderful! Jamie and I have really formed a connection and I know God placed us both here to help one another with the transitions that we face being in a new place. We went to church with their family last Sunday and really enjoyed it! I know there will not be a church just like 121 here, but South Hills Bible Chapel seems to fit the bill in what we are looking for.
I do so miss my Texas girls and some days I am just sad to not have them right here - it makes me appreciate them all the more - which I know I don't say enough. I love ya'll!!
  1. God bringing the perfect people in my life at the perfect time
  2. Have I said how amazing my husband is?
  3. Incredible family and friends
  4. Our son
  5. Our sweet girls (because I do so love our dogs)

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