Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weeks 24/25 (Blessings #36)

WOW! It has really been awhile since I posted - not good of me!! I am really enjoying this part of pregnancy - I have energy and am not so sickly. YEA! I went to the doctor last week and got measured for the first time. I am measuring 24cm which is perfect since the appt was the day before I was 24 weeks. Hayden's heartbeat was a strong 150 bpm. Healthy, perfect baby!

This past weekend I was blessed to get to go to Texas for not one, but two, showers thrown for us. I was beyond spoiled by all of my sweet family and friends. They were so good to us!

My Aunt Cindy, bestie Mary and sis in law Elesha threw the first shower at my mom's house. We had over 30 adults and 13 kids - it was perfect chaos and so nice to see everyone. My aunt and cousin drove 3 hours to be there and my bestie Kathy drove over 5! Now that is love! I have to get some pictures from some friends to post since I didn't take any - it was awesome! Mary made the most precious cookies with Hayden's initial on them and a super cute brown and green cake. Even the punch bowls were themed with little rubber duckies floating in them. Mary should so be a party planner! She does sell her sweet confections so if you need any, let me know and I will get you in contact with her. Elesha and my aunt made the food and YUMMO! So delish! Elesha even made white chocolate popcorn - SOOO GOOD! The games were fun - there was even one where there were plastic babies frozen in ice cubes and each person had one in their drink. The first one whose ice melted and the baby came out had to shout "my water broke." It ended up being my aunt's mom in law and she was so cute when she said it!

The second shower was at my cousin Darra's fabulous house. It was for the ladies in my LG. It was amazing to spend time with them and think about baby Hayden and how much we all prayed for him (and still do). These ladies are incredible and I miss them so much! I did have a case of food poisoning so I did have to excuse myself three times to get sick in Darra's bathroom - who else could I do that in front of and not feel mortified but with them? It really was a wonderful shower and the perfect way to end my visit. Darra decorated with the cutest banner, sign that said "thank heaven for little boys" and precious frame that she gave to me.

I am still overwhelmed by how awesome everyone was to us and how many people came to shower us with love. Thank you simply isn't enough - truly! Hayden is a loved baby already and I am excited for everyone to meet him in a few months. Our son - our baby - so prayed for and so loved.

In other Hayden related news, the glider and ottoman for his nursery got delivered. YEA! I am actually sitting in it right now. His crib and dressers came in and we will go pick them up today. WOO HOO! The plan is to start getting his nursery set up this week. The fabulous shower gifts are getting delivered (updated: 4 out of the 5 boxes just got delivered) thanks to my Kathy's dad - thank you Gary! You should definitely use Packaging Accessories in Southlake if you need anything shipped or if you are moving. He is the best!

I'm off to get ready to go get the nursery furniture and to go watch the Texas and Iowa games. YEA college football season is here!

  1. Being so showered in love
  2. Seeing family and friends in Texas
  3. Getting a promotion and raise at work
  4. Feeling Hayden moving all over
  5. Sweet husband and dogs

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