Friday, August 21, 2009

Week 20/21 (Blessings #34)

The last two weeks have flown by so quickly! My Mom flew in last Friday to help us pack and move. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She worked so hard and did so much. By the time she left on Tuesday, we had pretty much everything unpacked, put away, organized and decorated. The new house is pretty much done, we have one more trip to make on Saturday to get the drapes down and clean the carpets. We are beyond grateful for the wonderful friends we have that helped us move. It makes us realize how very blessed we are. I did take pictures of the new house, but I am waiting for the office computer to get put together and to use Chip wireless card (our Internet won't be installed for two more weeks).

I am excited to have more room for Hayden, the girls, guests and us. I love the charm of the house. It's perfect for us at this stage in our life.


Being pregnant is really enjoyable now, so far I am down to hugging the toilet once a week or so. I have realized that this happens when I don't get enough sleep. I can really feel Hayden moving around now. Chip felt him kick for the first time last night - that was a pretty awesome moment to have together. Our son - growing inside me - it is definitely some kind of wonderful - the very best kind. Hayden has two or three really awake moments - normally after I eat or right before I eat. I like to think he is reminding me to eat and then thanking me for it. At night, right before bed, he really moves around. I love being able to feel him. He is our precious gift from God and I am beyond grateful.


I promise I will write more later - off to finish my workday and then movie/pizza night with my sweet husband.


  1. Awesome friends
  2. Feeling Hayden move
  3. Our dogs becoming more calm by the day
  4. Being settled in
  5. Carrying our baby

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As the Roly Poly Grows... said...

I bet you look ADORABLE. Embrace your pregnant body. It's amazing what its doing for your baby. You are working harder than you realize to house such a sweet baby boy. Take pictures, even if you don't want to share them. You'll love looking back in awe at your baby's former "home".

Glad you got settled in the new house. Can't wait to see pictures of Hayden's room :)