Monday, August 10, 2009

19 Weeks (Blessings #33)

This week has been so exciting! We found out the sex (for sure) and we are having a precious and perfect baby BOY! Hayden Henry Frohling is still set to arrive on December 29th. We can't wait to meet him in four months. We have picked a theme for his room - vintage sports (in earth tones). YEA!

I am enjoying being pregnant, but struggling slightly with my changing body. Every other woman (but me) looks adorable. I know it is just the enemy trying to turn this blessing into something else. Our baby is a perfect gift from God and my body has been perfectly made to carry our child. I am beyond grateful for this!


This weekend we had a girl's trip to the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, PA. A four and a half hour drive (one way) that was 100% worth it - not just for the shopping (which was amazing), but more for the girl bonding time that I SO needed! I am grateful for a sweet and loving husband who encourages me to have that time. Next time, it may have to be a weekend trip as there is also a Tanger Outlet right up the road and we were near Amish country. We shopped all day and loaded up the car. Seriously, picture an Armada with a Yakima (luggage thingy) on top full of bags and the inside of the car completely weighed down with our finds. The car was so loaded down that the tire light even came on. Now that is a successful shopping trip. Jamie was a trooper and drove both ways! As someone who cannot drive long distances very successfully, I was beyond impressed. I think I speak for Jamie and Katherine when I say that we all had a wonderful time and enjoyed really getting to know each other.


  1. A much needed girls trip & incredible girl friends
  2. An encouraging and supportive husband
  3. Wonderful doctor
  4. Finding out we are having a perfect baby boy
  5. My Mom coming on Friday
  6. Not freaking out about turning 29 tomorrow...


MKC1020 said...

Congratulations, Lucia! A precious baby boy! I know you have to be so excited! -Molly

MommaRu said...

so sweet. i had soooo much fun!!!