Monday, February 9, 2009

K9 Kingdom

This past Saturday we ventured out to K9 Kingdom for a dog meetup. It was held at a place called K9 Kingdom - an indoor dog park, kennel, dog wash place. Our friends Dino & Elizabeth with their dogs, Zeus & Achilles, joined us, as well as our friends Katherine & Lorenzo, who don't have any dogs YET but are total dog lovers! We had a good time, but the girls didn't really like the concrete floors (they had some kind of gritty material on them).

Chip toured the kennel part and it wouldn't be a place we would want our girls to stay. We weren't a fan of the kennel sizes and the fact they kennels were a couple of feet off of the ground and slick. Also, they have no outdoor play space for the dogs. I did like the self-service wash stations though! Overall, we would rate it a 6 out of 10. Clean, but not the right venue for our outdoor loving dogs...

Achilles and Addison playing with Chip
(in the background is a beagle/german shepherd mix)
Chip went to the bathroom, so the girls waited by the gate until he came back.
I wonder if they love their daddy?

Izzie and Addison playing
(notice the lobby in the background)

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