Monday, December 22, 2008

And Then...

So the whole being a preschool teacher thing is pretty spectacular around the Holidays. The bad spectacular and the good. The bad - crazy, out of whack kids that have their whole world turned upside down with the whole SANTA! PRESENTS! CANDY! GRANDPARENTS TO SPOIL ME! thing going on. The good - the same SANTA! PRESENTS! CANDY! thing - so sweet to see kids when they are realizing the true magic that is Christmas. The excitement when they give you a gift - it is so touching. BONUS - I get presents too! WOO HOO! Plus - the secret Santa thing which I find so fun. Presents! Everyday! YEA!

And then... this weekend. Wonderfully relaxing until I had the BRIGHT idea of using a gift card from one of the parents to go see a movie with Chip. Movie = awesome (Seven Pounds with Will Smith). Traffic and people at the mall = sucktacular. Too much chaos - even I was ready to go home.

And then... Sunday. My car. The heat. Not working. In 30 degree weather with -14 wind chill expected. YUCK!

And then... I have a wonderful husband who handled taking my car in and talking with the dudes to get it fixed and dropped me off at work and picked me up to pick up car that is fixed. Now that is awesome! The whole car being not working thing freaks me out and makes me stressed so having Chip take care of it was so wonderful!

And then... the cost. HOLY COW! I truly am thankful that God has blessed us that we are able to take care of it (over a 6 month interest free period) without being unduly stressed. He knows what He is doing - and for that I am grateful.

And then... feeling a tad homesick... get home and find a box from Texas. Hmmm... what is is? I open it up and inside is a bottle of La Madeleine tomato soup (my fav) and a Tyler Autoglam air freshener in Cowboy (my total fav) with the sweetest note from Peggy in my LifeGroup in Texas. They had their Christmas get together at La Madeleine and I couldn't be there since I live here - so she sent me a care package. Completely 100% unexpected and completely thoughtful. Thank you, Peggy! It means so much to me to have such amazing sweet friends - here and in Texas, Iowa, Illinois, California, Wisconsin... all over really.

And then ... I am reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Of giving to just give. To help just because you can. To love - unconditionally as Christ loves us.

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