Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Kind Heart

I've said before that all I really want for my kids is to love Jesus and to be kind.  I had one of my proudest Momma moments Monday night at his last tee ball game.  Here's what happened.

During the second inning, Hayden hit the ball and made it to first base.  Then, a single hit by his friend B had him at second.  When the next little player hit, Hayden ran to third and B, who was on first, got really excited and ran past second base and was on his way to third, where Hayden was standing.  There wasn't enough time for Hayden to run to home and second base was empty.  The third base coach told B to run back to second but he got confused and ran to second then turned to try to run to third again and got tagged.  It was B's first time to get out and he ran off the field crying and decided he didn't want to play anymore that inning. 

The third inning came around and Hayden hit the ball and made it to first and then B hit and Hayden ran to second.  When the next little player hit, B ran to second and got tagged AGAIN.  He was sobbing running off the field into his Daddy's arms. 

Since it was the third out, all of the players were running into the dugout to get ready to field the ball.  I went over to help Hayden get his hat and glove.  He noticed B was crying and asked, "Momma, why is B sad?  Is he okay?  Did he get hurt?"  I explained that he was sad because he got out and his feelings were hurt.  Hayden immediately tucked his glove under his arm and ran out of the dugout.  He walked up to B, touched his arm and said, "Are you okay, buddy?"  He then gave him a hug and said, "B, do you want to come play with me?  It's okay, please don't cry.  Let's go have fun!"  B was still too upset to play right then, but you could that it meant a lot to him that Hayden cared.

I told Hayden that B needed a little space, however, I was super proud of him for checking on his teammate and being a good friend.  A short while later, B ran out onto the field and smiled over at Hayden in the outfield.  After the game, they all ran the bases and did their team chant, happy as can be. 

Yes, Hayden is a great tee ball player (in my humble opinion).  He can catch, hit and loves the game with an unmatched enthusiasm.  More than that though, what I think makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that he genuinely cares for others.  To me, that is worth more than whether or not his team wins, whether he hits a grand slam or makes a double play. 

Way to go, Hayden!  I couldn't be more proud to be your Momma!


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