Saturday, August 21, 2010

TTC: A Dream

I 100% love being a wife and mommy. It's not always easy or perfect. It is full of surprises and tough decisions. It is the desire of my heart that God has blessed me with.

I have been at the very rock bottom in regards to TTC (trying to conceive). It is God alone that carried me through this with the peace He placed in my heart, the people who are in my life, and the resources that I was directed to. Without these, I would not have the precious gift that is Hayden. There is so much more to my story and what I experienced than I could possibly conquer in one post or even ten posts. As anyone who has traveled the TTC road can attest, it is full of peaks, valleys, tough decisions and soul searching.

Right now I am TTC my dream and make it into a reality. I have taken the first step in verbalizing it and letting other people know. The support I have been given is awe inspiring and overwhelming in the best possible way. It serves as affirmation that this is how God wants me to serve Him. I am starting to take the steps to turn a dream into a reality and figuring out what that will look like. I have reached out to a couple of websites that I read and I got a response from one. I will know more in the next couple of weeks, but it truly looks promising and it is exactly the place where I want to start reaching out, as this place has a VERY special place in my heart. Once everything has been set up and confirmed, then I can say where. I think those that where there for and with me through my own personal TTC journey will feel a connection.

I want to put it out there that if any of you (if it is you or someone you know) are conquering TTC and want a resource, a shoulder, a voice from someone that has been there, please know I am here. I promise that there is no judgement. My mission is to offer hope and encouragement and, if asked, information about my experience. My heart aches for you and I know that God isn't finished writing your story. As a sweet friend told me, God has a way of turning our messes into miracles that serve to glorify Him. You can always email me at luciafrohling [at] hotmail [dot] com

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