Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eight Months In...

Hey! See how ADORABLE I am?

What is on my head?

Dear Hayden,

Eight months?! How are you already eight months old? You are so fun, so happy, such an enormous blessing!
  • This month you were more interested in EATING the month sticker rather than wearing it, so I stuck it on top of your head. You chewed on the paper while I took pictures of you.
  • You love to smile - at pretty much anyone, as long as you are safe in my or your Daddy's arms.
  • You have started to have a bit of stranger danger and separation anxiety. It takes you a little bit to warm up to new people. You cry big, HUGE alligator tears to show us how upset you are.
  • One of your bottom teeth finally broke through when your Grandma Donna (or KK, as Nathan calls her) was here to visit. Your other front bottom tooth is on it's way. BONUS: no biting the Momma!
  • You make the FUNNIEST faces and they just crack me up. I think you may be the type of kid that likes to make people laugh. I adore that!
  • On a sad note, you had your first post tubes ear infection and the stuff that came out of your ear was gross!! You also had an eye infection at the same time (left ear and left eye). On the up side, KK was here to visit so you got to rest and cuddle with her. You LOVED the attention.
  • KK loved visiting and loving on you. You adore your grandparents and family. They think you are pretty awesome too!
  • You had your hearing test two days after you got diagnosed with the ear infection. You didn't pass the left side, so we are going back September 10th. You also have stopped being interested in tummy time or rolling. The ENT thinks it may be due to have a unilateral (one side) ear infection messing with your equilibrium. We'll re-evaluate after your next hearing test. Whatever it is, we will figure it out. Who know? Maybe you just prefer to sit and stand and are done with that baby rolling stuff. HA!
  • You still love to sleep on your belly. You take really good naps a home cuddling with us. At school, I think you hate to miss anything, so you don't nap as well there unless you are in the swing. You DID sleep in your crib until the ear infection. BLAH!
  • You are now in 6-12 month or 9-12 month clothes. The 6-9 month clothes are too snug on that milk belly of yours. :)
  • You are still in size three diapers.
  • You love to go barefoot so you can grab your toes. In your carseat, you will kick one leg while holding onto the toes of the other.
  • Your newest favorite thing to do is to feed yourself puffs! You love to put them in your mouth and are really good at doing it by yourself. What a big boy you are!
  • You LOVE the dogs. You will screech at any dog to tell them hi. You are quite the talker. Hmm...I wonder where you get that from? HA!
  • I really miss you when I am at work. I have been praying for a way to work from home that will enable you to go to school a couple of days a week and we can have more time together. I enjoy my job, but my heart hurts and I feel like I am missing out. Right now, we are all where we need to be. I pray that God will have some things in store to change some of that.
  • You are the light of our lives and we just adore you. You are the best parts of Daddy and I both and we enjoy being a family of three (plus two dogs).



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