Wednesday, July 8, 2009

15 Weeks (Blessings #30)

Wow - I can't believe it. We're fifteen weeks pregnant and the jellybean is the size of a naval orange/apple/tomato - depending on what book/blog you read. I have felt flutters and can tell (I think) were the jellybean is when I am lying down. I am excited to start feeling more movement soon and especially excited for when Chip will be able to feel our baby. He can tell where the jellybean is too by pressing on my abdomen. Our baby - wow! Our baby is growing and is perfect!

We go back to the doctor on Monday to hear the heartbeat again. We scheduled the anatomy ultrasound and it will be on August 7th. At that appointment I will be a bit over 19 weeks and we will be better able to see jellybeans parts - although we are both pretty certain from our previous ultrasounds that our jellybean is a boy. We are thrilled either way - if it turns out the jellybean is a girl we will be just as happy.

It's really starting to truly sink in - there is a baby growing inside me who will be here in five months. My belly is more baby belly than beer gut looking. We've made it - over three years of trying, the doctor visits, the treatments, the scares and nervousness and prayers upon prayers. It has all been worth it because it has led to this baby - this baby that we are supposed to have - the one that God has intended to be our first child. WOW!


Chip and I both had to work for a PR event this past Saturday. The event was amazing and we got to watch fireworks from the top of a submarine. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for which we are grateful. As a result of working Saturday, I get to work a half day tomorrow. YEA! I am taking the chance to treat myself. I am getting my hair done, running some errands and getting some new undergarments as I have outgrown mine. I am looking forward to it and so grateful that Chip wants me to take time for myself. Keep your fingers crossed that the hair turns out good.

  1. Meeting new friends
  2. Fireworks - so magical
  3. Incredible husband
  4. Healthy baby
  5. Being able to be pregnant and carry our child

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