Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did You Know..

Did you know that Hayden...

eats the sprinkles first, followed by the icing and then the cake on a Starbucks Birthday Cake Pop?

calls powdered donuts "snow donuts" and powder for his diaper "pee pee snow"?

loves Izzie so much and tries to ride her like a neigh?

loves to chase Addison with his Mater push toy?

cuddles in the morning and says "Momma kiss"?

would eat cheese for every meal if we let him?

calls chocolate milk "choc milk" and guzzles it down?

calls Christmas lights "pretty lights" and asks when the sun will go down so the lights will come on?

loves to play hoop ball... like seriously, the kid is obsessed?

calls statutes and anything else that he can't get out of something "stuck?"

now cries when we have to leave a playground?

knows that a tractor will "push the dirt" and uses his whole body to tell you so?

calls a teepee a little tunnel?

knows a train says "chug, chug, choo choo?"

loves to watch the shows "Mighty Machines" and "The Adventures of Chuck and Friends?"

loves to take a Buzz bubble bath (Buzz is on the bubble bath soap container) and play hoop ball in the tub until all the bubbles are gone and the water is cold?

will only wear his football or Penguin hat?

calls any red veggie or fruit an "apple?"

kisses his friend Harper's picture every day?

All of these things (and more) Hayden has started saying or doing since his surgery. I thank God every single day that I have not had to miss any of these moments. When he's acting like a straight up crazy two year old, I remember how very lucky we are. God granted our wish and gave us our miracle... TWICE! He opened a door for us and we moved a few hours away from our families. He allowed me the opportunity to work from home part time. He's enabled us a better work/life balance as a family. He has blessed me with a man who is my very best friend and balances me and a son who is such a joy (even when he's a mess and throwing a tantrum while I try not to laugh).

So, did you know that I am extremely blessed, extremely thankful and overcome with this amazing life?


Flirty and Thirty said...

I did I did, but I also knew how thankful you were for it. Enjoyed the update and Did you know concept!

The Turtle said...

I'm glad I came across your blog. I started blogging about my daughter and what she does a few months ago, and it's amazing how much you forget. There have been a few stories that I've forgotten about, only to go back 2 months later and amaze myself and smile all over again. Keep up the posts!!

I'm glad your little guy is doing better; I can't imagine going through something terrifying like that...

Tracey said...

Hi Lucia,

I was hoping you'd consider posting something here:

If featured, you can link others to your blog...which is a pleasure to visit :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. You truly have a lot to be tankful for. With every passing day, I am sure you will have much more to add about the wonders Hayden has accomplished.

Meredith Cochran said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing :)

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