Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fourteen Months In...

Dear Hayden,

FOURTEEN MONTHS! Actually, as I write this, you are one week away from being fifteen months. I blame it on the fact that I am just enjoying every single second with you. Your little personality is just so amazing! Every day is a new adventure and full of blessings. Seeing the world through your eyes is so wonderful!

  • This month, we had a lot of fun adventures as a family! Now that Spring is getting closer, we are trying to venture out more and explore.

  • We went to Cabela’s in West Virginia. You LOVED the fish and people watching!

  • We went to Kidapalooza at the convention center. You really liked the blow up slide and all of the characters. The Teddy Graham bear was your favorite – other than the yellow balloon your friend Owen gave you.

  • You also went to your first basketball game! You LOVED watching. There’s something about that orange ball…

  • We also went to visit the SeeSaw Center. It was a blast! You loved everything – there was so much to see, we will definitely have to go back. You loved the slides (one was even orange!) and the basketball hoop.

  • You went to your first party at a play center. We went to Giggles & Smiles and you rode this little train thing. It made you laugh, as did the tunnels you crawled through. And again…you went straight to the basketball hoop…

  • You are now in the toddler room! OH DEAR! You love it. You get to play outside with your friends, do LOTS of fun artwork and you even sit at a little table to eat with your friends.

  • We got you a really cute nap mat (camp with your name in orange, of course) and you now sleep for two hours on your cot at school. I’m not sure if it’s luck or the mat, but the first day you tried it, you started sleeping through at nap time (you were only sleeping 30 minutes before).

  • Speaking of sleeping, you now sleep through the night and only nurse first thing in the morning. YEA! We had a bit of regression due to you being sick and getting a molar, but we’re getting back on track. The key is Dada getting up to soothe you, not the milk bar Momma.

  • You just got your NINTH tooth. It’s a molar and it hurt you when it was breaking through. Thank goodness for teething gel and Motrin.

  • I have now been “baptized” by you. Last week, I was running a little late and, when I got to school, you had just gotten sick all over one of your teachers. I rushed you to urgent care and Dada met us. We were in the exam room and Dada got up to through away a tissue. At that moment, you got sick all over me and the chair that Dada had just vacated. You had a really high temperature that luckily broke by 3 a.m. that night. We cuddled the next day. I am very thankful it was a short-lived virus. I do NOT like seeing you sick!

  • Your very favorite thing to do right now is hug and I could just eat it up! If we ask you to hug someone or something, you will. It’s adorable! You really love to hug (and kiss!) Izzie. She is so sweet with you and just lays there as your crawl all over her.

  • You also are SO smart! If you find something on the floor or I give you something and ask you to take it to the trash, you take it right to the trash can and put it in! It’s very helpful!

  • You also like to wipe your face and nose and clean your tray.

  • Puzzles are a new love of yours. You know where each piece goes. You like the animal and vehicle ones best.

  • You are walking better and better each day. You LOVE the ball popper and the Toy Story push toy that your friend, Owen, let us borrow. You like to stand on the Toy Story push toy. It’s pretty cute!

  • You are entering the toddler phase of not eating as much and being pretty picky about what you will eat sometimes. Dada and I don’t make it a battle. You are good about trying new things, but if you don’t like it, you won’t eat it. We have our go-to foods, so we know you will NORMALLY eat those things. They are: chicken, bananas, applesauce, yogurt, cheese, goldfish, waffles, grilled cheese, French toast, sweet potatoes, squash and mac & cheese. I will sneak in veggies in what you are eating and you don’t mind.

  • You are talking and pointing so much more now! You know what you want and will definitely let us know. You know so much and are so incredible.

  • You now wear a size 5.0M shoe (as of today!), size 4 diapers and 12-18 month one piece outfits and shirts. You are starting to get tall enough for 12-18 month pants.

  • You still love the color orange and balls!

  • You are very vocal about what you want or DON'T want. You love for us to read to you and are constantly bringing us books to read. It makes my heart VERY happy since I love to read.

  • Every single day is an adventure and we could not be more blessed.


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