Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Six Months In...

Dear Hayden,
Six months – you are now half a year old and boy, oh boy, what a wonderful half a year it has been! I look forward to even more fun as we watch you grow and learn.

  • You are SUCH a great eater! You will eat just about anything. Sometimes you make a “what is this?” face – but you still eat it. We tried a mesh feeder with a strawberry in it the other night and you really loved it (the taste and the sticky mess you made). The dogs also love your baby food. I let them lick out the container after you are done and Addison especially loves it!

  • This has been the month of sick and over-worried momma! You got thrush after the antibiotics then you developed a sinus infection which was followed by a case of croup. You are now on the mend, thank goodness! You were a trooper through it all and didn't have to miss school. It was harder on me than you I think. I wanted to cuddle with you on the couch and I had to work. It was a rough month on me and I have had a huge case of mommy guilt. I know you are well taken care of and loved at school, it’s just a thing that mommy’s have.

  • You are still not completely sleeping through the night. You wake up about twice a night to eat. We tried having Daddy get up with you, thinking you were just needing to cuddle. NOPE! You cried and wailed and when I fed you, you ate and slept. This time rushes by so fast, so I am okay with having night duty for a few more months.  If you want to start sleeping through the night now though, that would be awesome! HA!

  • You did so good getting your six month vaccines! You cried more when the doctor was poking and prodding you than when the nurse gave you shots. In fact, you smiled at her through your tears when she was done. You do love the ladies!

  • You are now 18 pounds and 26.5 inches tall with a 44 cm head circumference. This puts you solidly in the 50-60 %tile. The pediatrician told us you are again perfectly on track with your development.

  • You are still in size three diapers. You also grunt when you #2 and do a little stare into space.

  • You are in 6-9 month clothes.

  • You are now in size 3 shoes (6-12 months Robeez). You don’t like to wear shoes though. You LOVE those toes of yours!

  • You have started doing this little growl, which is so cute! You can now put them in your mouth.

  • When you get fussy, you say “mamamamamama.” Your Daddy wishes you would say “dadadadadadada” – I think that will come very soon, along with “Addie, no!”

  • Those dogs of ours! You LOVE them and are now starting to reach towards them and grab their ears. They are very patient and love you so much! They will love you even more when they realize that you will start dropping food on the floor very soon.

  • We had to “upgrade” you from the baby tub to a duck inflatable one, because you tried to crawl out of the baby tub by pushing your feet on the end. You LOVE the duck tub (especially when we make it quack) – in fact – you laugh and smile any time you see a picture of a duck or a dog. Your Daddy’s duck voice always brings a smile to your face.

  • You LOVE your jumperoo so much! You love to kick your legs and jump and grab our noses. The other day, you grabbed my face and planted an open mouth kiss on me. I loved it!

  • You love to kick your legs to the beat of songs. At church, you were kicking your legs so much when the worship music played. You especially love the upbeat songs. You do this in the car while holding your toes. It’s so adorable!

  • You can now sit up and go from sitting to tummy all by yourself! Sometimes you forget to hold yourself up and tip over, but you normally don’t fuss, even when you face plant. You’re all boy!

  • You now sit in the shopping cart – and you really enjoy it! You like when people smile and say how sweet you are. We always get compliments about what a good baby you are.

  • Last night you held yourself up while STANDING holding onto the ottoman and your music table. This morning you tried it holding onto your big boy car seat box.

  • You are now in your big boy convertible car seat (facing backwards, of course). You like being up higher and it’s easier on my arms because you are a solid little guy!

  • We bought you a little blow up pool and put you in it in your swim gear (sunscreen, hat, shirt, Little Swimmers diaper and swim trunks) and with a bunch of toys and me. Daddy took pictures. You really liked it – especially when we let you play in it naked.

  • You like to SKYPE and are getting into “talking” now. And also banging on the keyboard.

  • You love electronics – well, you love trying to eat them – the remote, my phone, whatever you’re not supposed to eat...

  • We did get a new video camera – our accidental damage warranty covered it. BUT they couldn’t get your baptism video off of it, which made me a little sad...

  • Our friends, Reed's, are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. YEA! We will have a lot of fun.

  • Daddy really enjoyed his first Father’s Day. You made him a card shaped like a tie at school. We bought him some jeans and we all relaxed and enjoyed each other. He loves being your Daddy and looks forward to your Daddy/Son time with him each morning (while Momma sleeps a little longer – since you get up about 30 minutes before my alarm).


Anonymous said...

Aw, such sweet memories for all to read about. I hope one day very soon, you are all able to come back to Texas for us to love on Hayden!

Pamela Hill said...

Lucia- I love these posts! They are just so precious and it's just a breath of fresh air at just how much you appreciate all the little joys of being a Mommy. You are so blessed, and Hayden is just as blessed to you have guys as parents... :D