Saturday, December 19, 2009

Less than 72 Hours

We have three days left until we meet our son. I am getting induced on Tuesday, December 22nd. To say that we are excited would simply be an understatement. We are ready, nervous, overjoyed and overwhelmed (in a good way) that our life is about to change.

Why are we inducing? We have several reasons why this is the right decision for us.
  1. Hayden tried to come when I was 33w6d, but our doctor was able to stop it so he could grow.
  2. About a week and a half ago, during my annual review at work, I starting having intense contractions that were five minutes apart. I was trying to be professional and not let my bosses know what was going on. I was getting really emotional and had silent tears rolling down my face. At the end of the review, I told them that I wasn't crying at anything they had said (the review went awesome and was super positive), but I was crying because I was physically in pain. Bless them both for handling it so well! It was sweet to see two Southern men bending over backwards trying to help me get comfortable while Chip drove to come pick me up. When Chip and I got to the hospital, I was still having contractions, but they were not effective, so we got sent home after two hours of monitoring.
  3. The next day, I went walking at the mall all day with my mom (she flew down as soon as she heard I was having contractions) and Jamie and had some fluid leaking from me. We decided I should call the doctor and back to the hospital I went. The fluid was from my being more dilated (I went from a 1.5 at 33 w, to 2.5 a week and a half ago to a 3 the next day) so it was a quick in/out visit.

After these three events (and three different trips to the hospital), we talked with the doctor and she said that Hayden is definitely ready and strong enough to come so an induction would be a good option for us - especially considering how dilated and effaced I am (3 and 80-90%) already. We scheduled the induction for Monday originally, but moved it to Tuesday so I would officially be 39w. To say that having a plan has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders is an understatement. I am a huge planner and, while I was doing the right thing by calling the doctor and going to the hospital, I felt foolish for troubling them for "nothing." God knows how I am and I know that He is the one in control. He provided a way for me not to stress by allowing me to be induced and I am very thankful to have a Father who loves me and wants me not to stress myself or our sweet son.

Hayden will be here in time for Christmas and the doctor who I like best at the practice will be the one delivering him! It's amazing to think that this time last year, I was about to have surgery for endometriosis and now - we're having our miracle baby. What a crazy, wonderful year!

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